Need C&O E7 or E8 and C&O passenger cars

PMBaba Apr 18, 2014

  1. PMBaba

    PMBaba TrainBoard Member

    Looking for 2 C&O EMD E7 or E8 locos in original color schemes; and C&O 50's era smooth side passenger cars. Any leads are greatly appreciated. Thanks, PMBaba
  2. Jerry M. LaBoda

    Jerry M. LaBoda TrainBoard Supporter

    Intermountain offers assembled and painted PS 52-seat coaches but beyond that there is not anything else that is accurate for the C&O presently available. That said, Model Rectifier Corp. (a.k.a. MRC) use to import Rowa corrugated coach, 10 Roomette - 6 Double Bedroom sleeper and a 5 Double Bedroom - lounge blunt-end observation car in N that were decades ahead of nearly anything else, at least until Kato started coming out with their line of N passenger cars. You should be able to find some for sale on eBay but keep in mind that they may be listed as Rowa, Concor or MRC corrugated passenger cars.

    Also, something else to consider are the brass car sides formerly produced by NKP Car Co. While they haven't been available for quite some time now on occasion you may find some of these available on eBay as well but you will need to assemble and paint them yourself. In addition to the 52-seat coach and 10-6 sleeper there were also a twin-unit diner (a kitchen - dorm and a table car) set that use to be sold and, if I remember right, the blunt-end observation was also among the offerings. They were some of the earliest brass car sides when the company was new but when the original founder sold the company the fella who bought it felt that it was a waist of time to do N-scale and, aside from one limited run of sides, he hasn't done anything else in N for quite some time. Oh well, its his loss.

    If building your own does not scare you off there are some sides available from Laser Horizons and Union Station Products that can be used to build your own cars. Just click the link below and it will take you to the N-scale Varnish's User's Guide page for the C&O...
  3. PMBaba

    PMBaba TrainBoard Member

    Thanks, I would love to build some cars. However, work and family take most of my time, so that is unfortunately not an option. I appreciate your in-depth quick response and will keep my eyes open for these. Thanks, PMBaba
  4. rogergperkins

    rogergperkins TrainBoard Member

    There are EMD E7A and E8A locomotives available, however I do not know of any in C&O original color schemes.
    I have B&O from Broadway Limited Imports and E8A from Kato. I suspect you may be looking at finding a custom painter.
    There may be some smooth side passenger cars from Wheels of Time.
  5. Larry E Shankles

    Larry E Shankles TrainBoard Member

    Life-Like did two E7's #95 & 98 in Pere Marquette/C&O colors and did two E8's #4016 & 4021 in C&O colors, about 14-16 years ago. May show up on Ebay etc. The Rowa cars tooling were ahead of their time, but the paint work was rather poor. If you are able to find any in C&O, they probably would need to be repainted (the C&O cars were usually made from blue plastic and the yellow name board and the stainless steel panels were not opaque and looked bad) thus you may as well figure on buying any Rowa cars and stripping and painting them.
  6. oldrk

    oldrk TrainBoard Supporter

    Did someone mention the C&O? Here is a link of C&O N scale equipment. A great source.
    As mentioned, LifeLike did both the C&O E8 and E7. The E7 was a seldom seen version with a much lighter color of yellow.
    And here is the lifelike E8. A you can see there are four road numbers on the E8. There were two different mechanisms used.
    ConCor also made C&O E8A and E8B models in C&O colors, although the C&O never owned E8B units. I would shy away from these as the detail and paint are fairly poor.
    Broadway Limited did both C&O E8 and E7 models in C&O colors. Interestingly the E8 was only done in C&O high wave freight colors. The E7 is simply gorgeous and can be had with both DCC and sound! Just for reference here is the E8. As far as passenger equipment is concerned the above post is accurate in detail. But there have been many C&O passenger cars made over the years that although not exactly true to C&O equipment are a pretty good substitute to get your passenger train running. Refer to the first link in this post for info on the passenger equipment. Here is a link to my passenger cars.
    Feel free to email me with any other questions. Good luck!
  7. u18b

    u18b TrainBoard Supporter

    The old Rowa passenger cars are a C&O prototype.
  8. PMBaba

    PMBaba TrainBoard Member

    WOW!!! Didn't expect such an authoritative response. Thanks. Your list of available equipment is great. I do in fact have the Lifelike E7's and E8's, and several passenger cars on display, but have a new small layout in progress, and would like to have a few more pieces to run on this without disturbing my displays. I also repainted 2 E7's in C & O colors with the wave bow, long before Lifelike brought out theirs. Several years later, I acquired decals for them, but never enough time to apply. I also need decals for F7's with the bow wave. Micro Scale produced them, but are out of stock, and I have not found any. If you know of a source, I would appreciate hearing. Thanks, Denny (PMBaba) Guess what the PM stands for?

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