WANTED N Scale Atlas GP7/9 Ross contact strips needed

Keith Sep 16, 2020

  1. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    Looking for a set of the brass contact strips for an Atlas GP9.
    TCS decoder gave up a while back! Pull worms out, plus contact strips.
    Now, I can’t find the contact strips, but know where the worms are!
    Doesn’t look like Atlas has the GP7/9 listed in their parts list. I’ll have to
    check again later I guess. Just in case I missed something!
    Otherwise, I’ll add a small groove in frame, above contact points, and run
    wire, direct to decoder, on both ends, for power. After I replace existing boards

    Any help and/or information is appreciated!
  2. DFW Bill

    DFW Bill TrainBoard Member

    Keith, the Atlas GP7/GP9 Contact Strips are in stock. They are Atlas #9480307, Diagrams show #480307, sometimes they add the first 9. They are $.60 each. My experience is they ship fairly quickly even now. Pick up a few extra drive train parts to spread out the shipping cost, they have three pages of GP7/GP9 parts available on their website. I’m assuming your looking for the China style parts, not the much earlier Japan parts. The Japan units are becoming 20 to 30 years old and parts are harder to find. Good luck.
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