Micro-Trains Weathered Cars??

vitaccop Jun 17, 2021

  1. vitaccop

    vitaccop TrainBoard Supporter

    I was just wondering if anybody has any info on why MTL has seemed to stop producing the Z scale monthly weathered releases...
  2. rray

    rray Staff Member

    I used to buy lots of them but stopped when I had enough. Maybe everyone who wants them have enough and stopped buying?
  3. z.scale.hobo

    z.scale.hobo TrainBoard Member

    Last i heard there were some staffing issues and shifting priorities. I wouldn't read too much into it. Their regular z releases have been in full swing.

    I would strongly suggest sending to MTL a "wish we could get more mid-month weathered releases in z" note to let them know that the z community is here and hoping for more. It's great that you're asking this question but we also need it asked en masse directly with MTL.

    Contact page: https://www.micro-trains.com/index.php?route=information/contact
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  4. SJ Z-man

    SJ Z-man TrainBoard Member

    Big new-found business is very successful for them. They don’t always have a Z release each month (not all previous sell as fast as N so they are cautious about inventory). [it is said].
  5. Zscaleplanet

    Zscaleplanet TrainBoard Supporter

    Agreed, and this is typical of any supplier. They need feedback in order to understand the Z-communities interest and needs.
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  6. Curn

    Curn TrainBoard Member

    They have also switched to a pre-order system so they may not be overproducing as many cars as they used to. It was kind of obvious that they would take cars they have too much stock of, and weather them. So if you want weathered cars, we all have to all agree not to buy it when it comes out, and 6 months later the weathered version we want will be here.
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  7. z.scale.hobo

    z.scale.hobo TrainBoard Member

    Funny stuff! :D

    This is an angle I didn't think of - the lack of over-produced cars might influence MTL. However, curn's smart idea won't work but instead will either drain your money on a pre-order directly with MTL (they pull in 25% of car value when you pre-order on their site; example LINK) or force your dealer to take on more stock ... nothing's getting over-produced and stuck with MTL anymore. They have dealer orders, direct orders, and then a small buffer on top of that - and that's it.
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  8. vitaccop

    vitaccop TrainBoard Supporter


    Great point... I never thought of that...
  9. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    Joe insists that Micro-Trains does not take old stock and weather them. I believe he said they did very early on, but that is not standard practice now. If you follow closely the releases, the facts bear this out. I think UMTRR George has also mentioned this.

    The point about not buying releases and waiting for the weathered release is absolutely spot on. I have been telling MTL this for a few years now. Skip the "factory new paint" release altogether as far as I care. I'm only buying weathered, which as been nothing for 4 months now. (really, much longer since they started the "34 Railbox cars in a row" series) I have placed a couple of preorders...latest was for one of the flat cars that would have been basically brand new for my era. But the first was for the CNW boxcar...the sole car that did not make the cut from the first preorder announcement. I've actually been a "preorder jinx" going back to my n-scale days. So for those of you that wanted the NOKL bulkhead flat, my apologies. :whistle::rolleyes::D
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  10. vitaccop

    vitaccop TrainBoard Supporter

    I've pretty only bought the weathered releases for several years now.. very rarely I'll get one of the non-weathered releases...
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