Micro Trains Cnter Beams Cars.

Operater Apr 24, 2014

  1. Operater

    Operater TrainBoard Member

    Thursday, April 24th,

    Hi Group,

    I have Several of the Micro Trains Center Beam Cars. (18 so Far) Great Cars Except I Have Some Issues, Just Wondering If Others have Had the Issues I"ve Come Across.

    1) I Keep My Cars in the Cases When NOT in Use. I've Noticed the End Pieces are Coming Loose or Off After a While. Its NOT Because I Rough Handled the Cars Either.
    For Now I'm Using Testers Glue to Glue Them Back On. If They are Good Cars They Should NOT B Having Assembly Quality Issues Under Ideal Conditions. I Haven't
    Said Anything to Micro Trains - Yet but am Wondering If Its Wise to Tell Them They Have a Quality Control Issue on the Cars.

    2) I've Taken 3 Cars and Took the Trucks Off to Replace the Plastic Wheels With Metal Wheels to See How Well They Run. Problem I CAN"T Get the Truck Pins Back Into
    the Holes - Same Truck Pins etc. Any Solutions???. Looked at Taking a a Tiny Screw Driver and Hammer and Hammering Them Back into Metal Bottoms, Doesn't Work so
    My Next Option is to Redrill the Holes and Hope for the Best, or Just Send the Cars Back to Micro Trains and Ask Them to Re Assemble the Cars and Mail Them Back.
    I've Never Had Issues With Micro Train Cars/Trucks and Have Changed Out Trucks With No Problems Till Now.
    Anyone Else had Issues With Center Beam Bottoms and Trucks. Just Wondering.

    Thanks Group,
  2. Many Trains

    Many Trains TrainBoard Member

    I have had the same issue with the end pieces coming off. I have just pressed mine back in and that seems to have done the trick so far. It's across cars that were run several years apart, so I wonder if it is something unique to Micro Trains design?

    Haven't had the issue you listed under 2, but I have consistently run into an issue where the wire on the bottom of the car rubs against the truck. I've had to clip this back on several cars - fortunately it only need a small cut back and visually there is no difference - you can only see this if you pick up the car and hold it upside down.
  3. Kevin M

    Kevin M TrainBoard Member

    I've also had the end pieces fall off. Just press them back in. As for the truck pins, it's not just the center beams that are a tight fit, all MT 's are like that. One thing you should not have to worry about is the trucks ever falling off though. If you take the frame off the car you can carefully use some pliers to force the pin back in.

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