Micro Trains 70' Heavyweight baggage car

arbomambo May 12, 2015

  1. arbomambo

    arbomambo TrainBoard Member

    Hello all...
    after two weeks of traveling, plus getting some other hobby work done, I finally had some time to organize my builds of ATSF baggage cars using the new Micro trains baggage cars as cores.
    I like to assemble all the parts I need for the build and keep them in a separate project container (I don't enjoy hunting parts in the middle of a build)
    With that in mind, I'm taking the time to show the various parts of the new MT car as I disassemble it while considering exactly what I need to do to build the first bash (the ATSF 70' baggage- there will be 8 builds of this one!)

    The parts breakdown for this one is considerably more simple than any of the coaches, Pullmans, and Parlor cars
    Here I'm showing the parts disassembled...roof, car body, underframe, weight, separate foot ladder/steps, glass (4 separate pieces)...not pictured are the two diaphragms, and trucks (i'm replacing the trucks with the MT commonwealth trucks)


    the separate ladder/steps on these are a little different-Micro Trains has done some clever engineering here; I'm imagining so they can use the same underframe on any of their future 70' cars (read baggage/mail and horse car)...the individual ladder/steps are 'keyed' to fit in locator indents in the top of the underframe. The underframe is molded with multiple indents, allowing alternate ladder/step locations for a specific car.



    Here is a shot of the end of the car, with the MT diaphragm removed. I'll need to remove the doors to allow free movement of the American Limited diapragms I plan to install.


    Here is a shot of the M&R Sides ATSF 70' baggage side layed over the side of the car-a perfect fit!


    of course, I'll need to sand each side of the car smooth- to provide a good gluing surface, and remove some material. I'll also need to cut the openings for the doors on the ATSF car. Other mods will include adding the ATSF channel sill (This fret is one of the very few of Roberto's Santa Fe head end cars that doesn't include the ATSF channel sill. I'll also need to remove the the underframe details (actually quite easy to do with the way MT engineered the piece), re arrange the ones I'll keep and fabricate others specific to the Santa Fe car.
    It's interesting to note that this car will also serve as a perfect candidate for other Santa Fe head end car builds, from M&R sides, including the 70' Fishbelley sill baggage car, and the 70' Mail/Baggage car....

    Fishbelly baggage:


    ATSF Mail/Baggage:


    The arrival of this (and future heavyweight cars) have really done N scalers a service. Personally they've really impacted, in a massively positive way, my ability to model heavyweight head end cars for specific carriers.
    Thanks for looking,
  2. badlandnp

    badlandnp TrainBoard Member

    Ditto on being glad that MT is finally putting out these heavyweights!

    It looks like you'll be having a fun build, and am looking forward to watching. A suggestion for a flat sanding surface, auto body shops have self adhesive sanding discs that work great. Just stick them on a flat surface and sand away. When it gets loaded up, swap in a new one.

    Anyway, enjoy!
  3. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Very interesting. Indeed clever of them.
  4. RWCJr

    RWCJr TrainBoard Member

    Will enjoy watching the progress on this build.
  5. Cajonpassfan

    Cajonpassfan TrainBoard Supporter

    As will I Bruce!
  6. rogergperkins

    rogergperkins TrainBoard Member

    I have not purchased any of these new MTL heavy weight baggage cars. I am waiting for the Baltimore and Ohio cars.
    I have examined them at the LHS.
    I am surprised to find they do not have operating doors which has been one of MTLs standard items on box cars from day one when they were still Kadee.
    Other n-scale heavy weight baggage cars already on the market do have operating doors.

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