HO SCALE Merchant's Row I and First Bank Kits

Great Northern 76 Oct 17, 2020 at 2:13 AM

  1. Great Northern 76

    Great Northern 76 TrainBoard Member

    Brand new. Both boxes opened for inspection only.

    1) Walthers Cornerstone Merchant's Row I styrene kit #933-3028. Five stores in one building (you decide: hobby shop, clock shop, bike shop, pizza joint, bazaar, fitness club, rug store and more). Ideal for a small town business district. Appropriate for both the steam and diesel eras. Dimensions: 11" L x 5" W x 4" H.

    View it in this link: www.walthers.com/merchant-s-row-i-kit-11-x-5-x-4-quot-27-9-x-12-7-x-10-2cm
    $30.00 + exact postage.

    2) Woodland Scenics (DPM) First Bank styrene kit #12200. Early 1900s Neoclassical style corner building. Period authentic ornamentation. Etched stone fluting and chiseled roof-line parapet. Rooftop chimney, ductwork and downspout. Clear windows and window treatments. Corner-hung sign with signature Roman numeral clock. Exterior flag pole bracket and Old Glory.

    Dimensions: 5-1/8" L x 4-1/8" W x 4-3/4" H.

    A similar, taller bank building can be seen in this link: https://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics....item/11800

    $18.00 + exact postage.

    Payment by PayPal only please.
  2. Pastor John

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    The woodland scenics link doesn't work for me. I get a "Server Not Found" error.
  3. Great Northern 76

    Great Northern 76 TrainBoard Member


    It looks like the First Bank kit has been discontinued, thus the dead link. I found no other similar structure on the WS website, so I e-mailed customer service for a photo of it. Stay tuned!

    Edit: I just found an idential bank - by another name, Citizens Savings and Loan - on the Walthers site. It's already assembled vs. my kit. The only other difference I see is the photo on the box for my kit shows the entire bank as a stone color, whereas the one below is two-tone. That's, of course, unpainted for my kit.

    Here's the link for the new bank:

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