N SCALE Looking to trade some N Scale for HO

txronharris Jan 19, 2021

  1. txronharris

    txronharris TrainBoard Member

    Cross posting this since it applies here too.

    Going to start some HO running and need some rolling stock. Looking for various 4750 covered hoppers, some modern tank cars, a few center beams, and a few boxcars. I’m pretty specific about what I wanted for my motive power, so unless its an MKT green or maybe a Farmrail loco, I’ll probably be purchasing those new.

    Figured if you’re an HO guy looking to get into N, this might be a mutually beneficial thing. Have several Atlas locos, and Microtrains, Intermountain, and Atlas cars to swap.

    Send me a message and we can communicate with pics there instead of filling up the threads here.


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