Lets See Your Work Bench.

tjdreams Jan 23, 2023

  1. Mark St Clair

    Mark St Clair TrainBoard Member


    And now the photo! Oops!
    workbench 230123.JPG
  2. Kez

    Kez TrainBoard Member

    I moved nothing. I cleaned nothing. This is my work area, partially. Drafting table is the main painting/chopping/detailing area. Table to the right is an old convertible play table that now holds my test loop and other various junk. Table to the left is a fold-away that's just holding the module for yard work right now. This is just one side of the basement, the other has TV, entertainment, etc. (to camera left and behind).
    I also use the dining room table for large cutting, and also for sorting of my collection.
    I guess this would be the up side of divorce...I do what I want where I want.

  3. rray

    rray Staff Member

    I went through 2 divorces, the first cost me all my trains up till then, and the second, I inherited all my EX Father-in-laws trains, so I have too much HO, too much N, and Way Way too much Z. Can you have too much Z? Actually yes... but I would rather have it than the money it costs, because i would have had to give half to my EX! :D
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  4. MMR283

    MMR283 TrainBoard Member

    E01AF96D-D5E3-427B-B149-B21F35DB7BB9.jpeg 5A273B7C-147D-4F04-AE64-A64B120C544E.jpeg A613ED50-7E78-4F25-AD99-CC0BF11372FE.jpeg I find it interesting how many of us have different ideas for work benches. It would be great to have a large space for a very organized work bench. However I lack the space, so mine is just a simple fold up table, with a couple of tool boxes and area large enough to build models. I would rather give up space for a work bench to gain more space for a layout! I believe that is what we are striving for in the hobby anyway!
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  5. JoeS

    JoeS TrainBoard Member

    Simple old sewing machine table with machine long gone.
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  6. Zscaleplanet

    Zscaleplanet TrainBoard Supporter

    Small desk, large desk, fold up table, nice corner desk, homemade bench…… I don’t think it really matters at the end of the day. What matters is what you are doing with the God-given modeling skills, equipment, and work bench you do have.

    Are you taking your Z-scale modeling abilities to the next level? Is the realism of your end product improving? I will certainly not deny the fact that the right equipment certainly helps with one’s modeling abilities. But in all actuality, the space that all of it takes place in is generally no more than the top of an average desk.

    They’re are guys and gals out there that can pull off stunning Z-scale work on nothing more than a 1950s card table with two legs missing. At the end of the day, it all comes down to either the layout, the module, or the small Z-scale shelf scene you were working on.
  7. bostonjim

    bostonjim TrainBoard Member

    Here is my work space. It is in need of an upgrade. I like Ikea's pegboard system (Skadia) It can be attached to a desk similar to the one posted in the thread.
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  8. bostonjim

    bostonjim TrainBoard Member

    ...oops. Here's the photo IMG_20230124_100904421.jpg
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  9. Z train things

    Z train things TrainBoard Member


    I went through a divorce too and lost my lasers to 'you know who'.......:(.But I have to admit, 'you know who' sure knew how to use them.(y) These work bench photos sure bring back memories. Some mighty fine look modeling comes out of these small Z factories

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