Kato Double Crossover Turnout Problem

PRRPerson Apr 15, 2022

  1. PRRPerson

    PRRPerson TrainBoard Member

    I have an L shaped layout that's about 10 feet on a side. I have a Kato N scale Unitrack double track that runs the length of the L. The tracks terminate on one end and turn around as single track on the other end. Near the turn around end, I have a Kato 20-210 Double Crossover Turnout. I use it for passenger operations.
    Running an engine the full circuit of the track is no problem. However, if I try to crossover, the engine shorts out the command station. I added a DCC Specialties PSX-ARSCFB Power Shield Auto Reverser / Circuit Breaker sku: dsppsxarscfb. After several emails with DCC Specialties, I have it wired like the attached diagram. It is still shorting when I try to crossover.
    Obviously I am not a graphic artist. Any questions on the attached diagram I'll be glad to answer. I won't be insulted.
    I would appreciate some help in getting this working. I've been trying to get this right since January and it's driving me crazy.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  2. MK

    MK TrainBoard Member

    Is it just that engine or every engine that you have? If it's just that engine I would check wheel gauge.
  3. PRRPerson

    PRRPerson TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for the reply. It's every engine. Long wheelbase or short all pass the insulated center going straight but short out the crossover.
  4. CSX Robert

    CSX Robert TrainBoard Member

    It looks like you have the inside rails wired together and the outside rails wired together. You can't wire it that way with a double crossover because when you cross from one side to the other, the inside rail becomes the outside rail and vise versa, causing a short.
  5. Donstaff

    Donstaff TrainBoard Member

    you will have to saw a cross both tracks on one legs to avoid the short.
  6. BigJake

    BigJake TrainBoard Member

    Just keep in mind that the inner two rails on each end of the double crossover are isolated from the other end by gaps in the rails in the middle of the double crossover. Thus you cannot have insulating joiners between powered inner rails of the connected track(s) and the inner rails of the crossover. Only the two outer rails are continuously conducting end to end through the double crossover.
  7. BigJake

    BigJake TrainBoard Member

    IINM, the above observation indicates that the simplest way to wire the the layout is to put insulating rail joiners only on both rails at the far left end of the loop.

    Power the entire top track, from those insulating rail joiners, through the top of the crossover, to the far, upper, right stub end, with the command station/booster.

    Power the entire bottom track, again from those insulating joiners, through the bottom of the crossover, to the far right, lower, stub end, with the auto reverser output.

    That's my take on it, worth every penny you spent for it...
  8. RBrodzinsky

    RBrodzinsky November 18, 2022 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter In Memoriam

    The diagram shown is much too complicated for what you have. As Andy (@BigJake ) says, your reversing loop is at the left, which is where you need your auto reversing module connected. Since this is Unitrack, there is no need to make any physical cuts in track, use insulated rail joiners.

    You will need to put feeders on both sides of the crossover, since as everyone points out, the inner rails are isolated from each other. Xover Revering.PNG

    Have the tracks on both sides of the xover wired the same, here I show Black for the "top" rails, Red for the "bottom" rails. The squares are insulating unijoiners, and the power can come in anywhere on the loop (not shown) on left.
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  9. PRRPerson

    PRRPerson TrainBoard Member

    Thank-you so much for your help. That fixed it perfectly.
    Richard Richter
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