MODELING It's a Special Thanksgiving Weekend Modeling Plans 2022

Jim Wiggin Nov 23, 2022

  1. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Good morning and welcome back for what maybe a short week for some. With the Thanksgiving weekend starting for so many of us, let's get a head start on what our weekend plans are.

    Thursday: Ah, possibly my second favorite holiday after the 4th of July. I'll start the day by firing up the smoker and getting the turkey in early. I'll then be in the kitchen working on my homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes, butternut squash and all the other traditional dishes. Angela's Grandma and dad are coming over and we are planning to have a nice relaxing day. The stepson and new girlfriend are expected to make an experience in time for pecan and pumpkin pie around 3:00. My pecan pie usually gets him to drop in! After that, relax.

    Friday: Back to work for me. I have the Athearn December New Announcements live I need to conduct as well as try to catch up on other projects. Maybe with most people out of the office, I will be able to accomplish a lot.

    Saturday: I told the wife we need to stock up on wrapping paper and Christmas cards. This year I need to get cards out earlier. If the weather is okay, I may start putting up the Christmas decorations too.

    Sunday: I hope to have it warm enough to start working on the backdrop. I really wanted to be laying track by now, but November was so busy that the layout has been dormant for over a month. Some time on that with a podcast and a cup of coffee would be very nice.

    So how about you? What do you have planned over the course of the next four days? Let us know. We'll assemble again on Monday, the 28th to see how we all did and how our celebrations went. Until then, for those who celebrate, I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Be safe, stay healthy and...

    High Greens!
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  2. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Well, there isn't much to Thanksgiving for those of us alone in the world. I could say more... Also, my work week starts Thursdays. This week is no different. No "Thanksgiving" day off for me. And I will likely be working extra hours again this weekend. So, modeling? Doubtful.

    I saw where Walthers was going to release some new road names in N scale GP9 units, got excited, until I noted they were once again the phII- which has been beaten to death. C'mon manufacturers, :mad: do the phIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Feeling grumpy this morning.... :rolleyes: Oh well. The rest of you please enjoy life.
  3. Kitbash

    Kitbash TrainBoard Supporter

    Yes. Turkey week.

    Today: Will help the Mrs w/ some things in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner. Plan on today working on some unfinished projects around the layout as time permits.

    Thursday: Pretty much same as today. Will work on miscellaneous stuff as time permits.

    Friday: The plan is to start cleaning up the layout and getting the room looking good. We are having a family Christmas party on December 10th and folks will certainly be wandering up the layout. Will also watch the NC State-UNC football game late Friday Afternoon.

    Saturday: Will probably run the track cleaners around the layout as well as install 2 more circuit breakers. 2 of the PSX's I put in were the older version and some "issues". The store where I purchased them checked 'em out for me and sent me 2 of the newer versions for replacements.

    Sunday: 2 things to do. Start working on more Christmas decorating as well as some possible workshop chores on the bridge project.

    Happy Turkeys everyone to you and your families!!
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  4. SP-Wolf

    SP-Wolf TrainBoard Supporter

    Good morning Y'all,

    My non-MRRing will most likely continue.
    My Holiday weekend starts today. (Used my second "floater" day today) - Gonna take my truck in for her first California mandated smog test. Then I will head over to my local train pusher - Arnie's. Pick up some paint and anything else that may catch my eyes. This afternoon -- probably mow and edge the front yard. Make it presentable for tomorrow's visitors.

    Tomorrow -- kind of goes without saying. (I may be able to sneak in a little MRRing)

    Friday: We will be cleaning up my wife's elliptical machine - then take it to her place of work.

    Sat and Sun.: Most likely start dragging out the Christmas decorations.

    Y'all have a wonderful and very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! (Don't eat to much)
    Stay safe,
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    BNSF FAN TrainBoard Supporter

    While I know some folks don't bet a break, I am looking forward to an extra day at home. Regardless of where the holiday finds you, I hope you still have a good Thanksgiving!

    Thinking I may finally get around to programing the decoder in this beast and let her stretch her legs for a bit this weekend. Other than that, no real special modeling plans so I guess we shall see how it goes.
  6. Pastor John

    Pastor John TrainBoard Member

    Thursday will start early at church as we (and one other church) will prepare and deliver nearly 1000 Thanksgiving dinners to folks in and around our community. Folks will start arriving at church before 7:00am and deliveries will start around 10:00. Some time after noon things will slow down and I will leave for our family T-Day dinner at my brother's house.

    Friday, I will work on homework.

    Saturday, my wife and I will drive to southern Ohio (where we used to live) to our Optometrist for our annual vision exam. There may also be a visit to a friend's house and possibly some horseback riding. After our return home will likely be more homework.

    Sunday, will be church as we begin the season of Advent, then dinner, and out to the train club, where I will likely spend my time counting money from our open house, doing the resultant bookkeeping, and preparing the bank deposit. After that, I might rest a bit.
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  7. dualgauge

    dualgauge TrainBoard Member

    Weekend started early. Pulled trailer with N-Trak layout to Science Central in Ft Wayne IN. Three of us got layout set up. Will be running Friday thru Sunday with tear down on Sunday. One HO club will be there also. If in the area stop by.
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  8. Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Anderson TrainBoard Member

    Starting a scratch build car. I was hoping to get the frames done for three cars with the decks on. So far frames complete, no decks. I have some other stuff to do Saturday then I’m on vacation for the week and will be out of state. So not too much going to get done this weekend.

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  9. dti406

    dti406 TrainBoard Member

    My weekend began Wednesday as I put up the outdoor Christmas light as the temperatures were in the 50's and no rain or snow.

    Thursday went to my son's house and had our Thanksgiving dinner with them and his wife's parents, we all had a good day.

    Friday, took my wife for OT on her hand/wrist and am now home, may do some modeling but we have a family phone call at noon along with bowing tonight.

    Saturday, will be at the railroad club running trains and may get some decaling done along with completing an IMRC 1958CF Covered Hopper kit.

    Sunday, normal day with laundry and some more decaling along with deciding on which new kit to start.

    Rick Jesionowski
  10. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    We had a nice Thanksgiving, just my wife's step dad and his wife, and us. They live about 20 miles away with neither driving any more so I made 2 trips to pick them up and take them home. After a great meal we had a video call with our oldest nephew.

    My modeling plans for the long weekend we be getting the helix connected to the upper staging loop. I have also been working on how that upper staging loop is going to work. After that we'll see what I get into.
  11. gmorider

    gmorider TrainBoard Member

    Yes! Now it is time for Christmas stuff! @BoxcabE50 - some would say that you are never truly alone. (Just feels like it.) Are you the hardest working man on TrainBoard? (y) (Work used to make me grumpy too.) o_O Phase I, Phase I. Attica! Attica! Attica! :sick: Sometimes, everything is "miscellaneous". :rolleyes: Keep on sneaking. :sneaky: Modeling itself is special. (y) 1000 dinners! Outstanding! :cool: Fort Waaayne Indiana! :X3: I love scratch-building! (It is all I do.) ;) Seems like laundry is rearing its ugly head again. :unsure: And more kits! Nice to drive the folks. :) At this point, the yard fences are about two third installed. The rest are built and waiting. Need to do walkways and grass. Can't have a bare yard. :rolleyes: (And chickens?) Have a great weekend. :D
  12. in2tech

    in2tech TrainBoard Member

    Got my Woodland Scenics traffic lights and already have two mocked up. Really like them so far. Here’s hoping. They are very tiny but to scale. Really adds a lot to my only 4 way street.

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