Illinois Central help Please - City of New Orleans Train

DCESharkman May 8, 2021

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    This is all I could find. They are a few years early but perhaps many of the cars were the same 20 years or so later.
    img20210509_19334858.jpg img20210509_19320533.jpg
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    By the way, if you have not actually heard the song... here it is. Arlo Guthrie took this version to #18 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1972. My dad had the 45.

    For those of you who are on Facebook (yes, I know...) and like "Lost Pop Hits" from any decade you like, there's a great 'no drama' group I'm in-- we just have a lot of fun sharing songs that aren't regularly heard on the radio any more. The group is called "Lost Pop Hits M.I.A." and it's easy to find.
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    Tad... thanks for that link. Page 38 shows 33 PS lightweight cars which appear to have been acquired in 1952. There were likely several other PS car acquired after that. I have several of those sleepers and the obs/lounge. They were offered by Centralia Car Shop and Intermountain Railway Co.

    Aside from the Kato 'named' train sets... I probably have a complete or 'near complete' IC streamliner. Probably a mix of equipment used on the Panama Ltd, City of Miami and City of New Orleans. They could have been assigned to any of those trains based on availability.
    Of those listed I have:
    6-6-4 sleeper... Magnolia State, Pelican State, Land O' Strawberries and Banana Road.
    18 rm sleeper... City of Jackson
    2-1-1 obs/sleeper... Gulfport
    4-4-2 sleeper... Chicagoland and St. Louisian
    10-6 sleeper... Centralia
    I have others not listed in the 33 on the list. Perhaps not Pullman Standard (PS) models???
    Diner... Vieux Carre
    10-6 sleeper... Decatur, Dyersberg and Durant
    Baggage... #1804 & 1805

    I only have Micro-trains heavyweight coaches from their 5 car runner pack#1. They are releasing another 5 car runner pack#2 this summer.

    Perhaps Lowell Smith will do some lightweight coaches.

    Wheels of Time did several heavyweight baggage/mail/ and magazine cars with Harriman roof.

    There has been a lot of Illinois Central passenger equipment released over the past 15 years.
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    You’re welcome, sir.

    The Passenger Car Diagram book that I posted the link to is valid for cars on the Illinois Central through June 19, 1952. The Illinois Central definitely acquired more passenger cars after that. I wish that I had a copy of a later document showing the cars acquired after 1952.

    If someone has a link to a later version, it would be cool if they posted that.

    Another good source to look up information on specific Illinois Central passenger cars is at:

    Because David asked specifically about “The City of New Orleans,” I didn’t go into the sleepers in my previous posts:

    You’re absolutely correct about the Intermountain/Centralia sleepers. Thanks for posting the link to those.

    Since the primary Illinois Central train that I am attempting to model is train # 3/4, “The Louisiane,” and it had a mix of coaches and sleepers, I have a few sleepers, too.

    The Kato PS-1 6-6-4s from the sets.

    The Centralia Car Shops PS-14 City of Jackson 18 Roomette, CCS6883-01, because later the 18 Roomette cars were specifically assigned to “The Louisiane.”

    I also have the Centralia Car Shops PS-45 Grenada 4-4-2, CCS6805-07, and the 4-4-2 Harvey, CCS6805-08.

    I haven’t found the IC PS designation for the Harvey.

    Both of these cars were built to Pullman Plan 4069E in October 1940 for the New York Central.

    The Grenada was originally the Imperial Crown, NYC 10015, and was acquired by the IC in October 1958.

    The Harvey was originally the Imperial Fleet, NYC 10012, and was acquired by the IC in July 1962.

    I don’t have any of the other Intermountain cars.

    I did pre-order the Railsmith Illinois Central Sleeper Pair which is supposed to include the PS-30 Clarksdale 10-6 and the PS-33 Calvert 10-6.

    Both of these cars were built to Pullman Plan 4167 in July 1950 for the C&O and were sold to the IC in October and November of 1950.

    I plan on ordering some of the Railsmith coaches when they become available.

    I have pre-ordered the second Micro-Trains Illinois Central Five Pack.

    According to the posted artwork that Five Pack should contain the PS-68 Lake Hiawatha10-1-2 sleeper, the PS-69 Lake Quinalt 10-1-2 sleeper, Coach 2517, Diner 3974, and, I think, 797 Heavyweight Baggage Express car.
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    Thanks Russell!

    I can use several items I already have

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    There is a review of the Railsmith 56 seat Coach on pages 60-61 of the June 2021 Model Railroader.
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    You could maybe switch to Z-scale(*audience gasps!*:eek:), we've had the train for a year now.

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    Thanks John,
    More good info for the City of New Orleans and Panama Limited.
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    There’s a place online that says they have two of the Micro-Trains 1st Illinois Central Five Packs for $120 if anyone is looking for them.

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