Guess I'm not going to buy any more Scaletrains

greatdrivermiles Aug 14, 2018

  1. wmcbride

    wmcbride TrainBoard Member

    Well, I placed an order with Scale Trains for a C39-8. With the exception of the speaker in the Tier 4, I liked that engine a great deal. I'd like to see ST continue to work in N scale hence my modest contribution of 1-unit order.
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  2. scottryan

    scottryan TrainBoard Member


    I don't care what it costs. I want to dump my IM SD40-2T / SD45-2T / SD45-2 locomotives and replace them with something better. Didn't even bother to buy any IM SD40-2s

    The IM models are probably the worst N scale disaster in modern N scale model railroading. Right up there with the Atlas GP7/9 on an RS-3 mechanism, the Concor GS-4, etc.
  3. jpwisc

    jpwisc TrainBoard Member

    I totally get that! It would be awesome to see ST do those. Hopefully their upcoming N Scale releases generate enough revenue to make the tunnel motors a viable option. The 5188’s should be better sellers than the Carbon Black cars.
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  4. subwayaz

    subwayaz TrainBoard Member

    That’s okay Broadway limited just released theirs. Nice looking model to me

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  5. bman

    bman TrainBoard Member

    Broadway Limited just released an SD40-2. Not the same as a SD40T-2, or "Tunnel Motor".
  6. subwayaz

    subwayaz TrainBoard Member

    Oh okay

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  7. SF Chief

    SF Chief TrainBoard Member

    Only thing from Scale Trains I've bought is the N-scale Gevo--I got two with sound and might get another. And I've got some 5188s on order. And I'll probably buy a turbine at some point in the future.

    My comment, based only on my Gevo experience and a friend's experience with the turbine, is that the ST engines are so darn good that they don't have to find a niche and produce something unique to find a market. Their combination of rivet counter detail, smooth running and (so far) reliability puts them in a category of their own. And compared to the competition they are not THAT expensive--the Gevos are practically a bargain considering what you get. As reviewers have noted, they raised the bar.

    So, insofar as engines go, I'm guessing ST could find a market even when producing those that have been done to death, like Es and Fs and PAs and early Geeps. Not that I would encourage that--I want the other manufacturers to stay in business!

    As far as the freight cars are concerned, I'm not sure. The STs are priced about 50% higher than the competition. I pre-ordered six 5188s and might get more--I'm expecting they will be excellent cars. But I probably would have gotten 4-5x that at a lower price point. I like rivet counter details, but I really only care about that in parts of the car where one can actually SEE the rivets. Not that much reason, imho, to obsess about underbody details. So, I would be totally down for a less expensive ST "trainman" version, which I'm guessing would be as good as everyone else's best shot.

    My two cents.

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  8. rhoag74

    rhoag74 New Member

    I'm new to the TrainBoard community and I found this topic really interesting. So here is my opinion.

    I really like the ScaleTrains product line. I have a few Carbon Black Cars, they're unique and probably more modern than what most like, but I model in the modern era, so it's nice to be on the other side for once. I also own a few GEVO's and some 5188 Covered Hoppers which I really like. I agree the price is a little more for their products, but if you really look at it's not much more that any of the other manufacturers and the detail is greater. We also need to realize that most of the less expensive cars that are being produced use very old tooling and what little detail it has, it's molded into one piece of plastic. The other thing I like with ScaleTrains is that when they do release a product, it typically arrives when they say it will. That’s not the case for a lot of the other manufactures.

    As far as new product releases go, the whole industry is trying to chase the same dollar for the same old products. We as consumers keep buying the same old releases, so why would a manufacturer ever decide to take a leap of faith on something new. Case and point is the ScaleTrains Carbon Black Car’s, they were not well received and didn’t sell. The other manufactures take notice of this and shy away from new products.

    I applaud ScaleTrains for trying new things and I hope they continue to do so. Most importantly I hope they stay in business. We have lost so many good manufacturers in the last 10 years (Deluxe Innovations, Red Caboose, …etc.) that made a wide variety of great products and were not afraid to try new things.

    I know detail or no detail has been a hot topic in this thread and that it effects the cost of the model. When we talk detail, we are talking about a lot of parts that need to be separately installed, which requires human labor and that is the biggest expense for all manufacturers. Why aren’t we as consumers asking for car kits? Ones that come with a bunch of loose detail parts (walkways, ladders, grab irons, cut levers, brake lines, …etc.) that we can install or not. The kits would also not come with wheels or couplers (these are items that everyone changes). In my opinion this concept would reduce cost and allow the modeler to decide the level of detail they want.

    Now to end on a good note, I’m glad that Atlas is starting to produce some of the Walther N Scale cars. I was somewhat afraid that they wouldn’t do so, because the past has shown that when a manufacturer buys out another most if not all of the items disappear (Red Caboose is just one example). I hope that the other manufacturers follow Atlas's lead and start producing some cars from the manufacturer’s they have bought out.
  9. dualgauge

    dualgauge TrainBoard Member

    rhoag74 Atlas also is releasing the former BLMA line and the old Life Like engines. Fox Valley is running the Red Caboose couplers.
  10. Jim Reising

    Jim Reising TrainBoard Member

    I've been avoiding this thread but feel it necessary to put my two cents in.

    I absolutely love Scale Trains and their products. I have - not all, but some - of their products and am very happy with them.

    I am grateful they are making N Scale products at all, let alone the really great items they have.

    And they are one of the only companies I've bought from that I have had NO problems with.

    I don't like their choice of coupler. Well, I don't like the Accumate or McHenry either, but that won't keep me from buying Atlas or Athearn.

    By the time discounts are applied, I consider their pricing acceptable. Had I not, I would not have bought anything from them. But considering the attention to detail and the way the products run, to me, it's worth the money.

    In my opinion we need to support them.
  11. Calzephyr

    Calzephyr TrainBoard Supporter

    I have only their 8500hp GTEL loco. Its a beautiful model and not really overpriced for what you get. Unfortunately... the Carbon Black hoppers are outside of my model era. If Scale Trains makes N scale items from the 1940' to 1960's... I would likely buy them.

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  12. James Fitch

    James Fitch TrainBoard Member

    I agree. Sounds like the OP wants ST to do a model even if it hurts them financially. Now just who is getting poked in the eye? I'd say it's scale trains, not greatdrivermiles.

    So next question is, if ScaleTrains makes something in N scale he needs, is he going to deny himself just because ScaleTrains refuses to do something that is financially a bad thing to do?

    Wow, just wow. Try looking at the big picture here. It's not all about you you know. Truth.
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  13. WM183

    WM183 TrainBoard Member

    I must admit the upcoming Dash 9 models have me a bit excited...
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  14. NP/GNBill

    NP/GNBill TrainBoard Supporter

    I would love to see them do the other two versions of the Gas Turbines. I love the two that I have, they run fantastic.
  15. WFOJeff

    WFOJeff TrainBoard Member

    New to Scale Trains but love what they have put out so far -

    I have 2 Dash 8; NS and Conrail(SP Lease)
    Newest purchase; GE TIER4 GEVO ET44AC, very nice except that the rear truck had an assembly problem and it is back at ST for correction of the brake plumbing clearly hitting the step well.

    Also waiting on the Dash 9's.

    Whatever they decide to market is fine with me, hoping their N Scale market stays profitable.
  16. WolfWorks

    WolfWorks TrainBoard Member

    I ditto those that which they would release the SD40T-2, only need a hundred or so in DRGW and like the same in SP LOL

    I would be all over the C44 but they are not releasing them in SP which is dumb to me.
  17. DCESharkman

    DCESharkman TrainBoard Member

    Well if they come out with SD40 Tunnel Motors, I am going to go all in on them myself. I just picked up a couple to try and I am hooked!
  18. SP-Wolf

    SP-Wolf TrainBoard Supporter

    ST has nothing to offer me -- at the moment. I hope they are successful enough to start producing transition era locomotives and freight cars. The GTEL was tempting -- but to late for my era.

    Cary on ST -- Y'all are doing great,

  19. DCESharkman

    DCESharkman TrainBoard Member

    I am diseased, I have no era restrictions......
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  20. MK

    MK TrainBoard Member

    I think a lot of people have that disease. :D
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