GT in Jackson, MS

Hytec Mar 30, 2002

  1. Hytec

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    Saw a GT GP-40(I think?) in the Jackson, MS engine terminal last week. Sorry, but I didn't catch its number since I was driving 40(+/-) mph over a bridge at the southern end of the terminal ... however thought y'all might be interested just how far your engines are travelling these days. [​IMG]

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  2. BC Rail King

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    Reminds me, the other day I was passing Lynn Creek yard here in North Vancouver, and I saw a string of 3 Sd40s of three types. They aren't common birds around here anymore.
    1 SD40-2W
    1 SD40, I think it was subblettered GTW, 5900 series
    1 SD40 in the 5200 Class!!!

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