Great News for Ohio Central Railroad Excursions

dti407 Aug 12, 2003

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    From: oc6325

    Great News for Ohio Central Railroad Excursions

    The Ohio Central Railroad gladly announces a slimmed down Fall/Winter
    excursion schedule. After repeated discussions with the insurance
    agent, the Ohio Central has agreed to honor several previous
    commitments to sponsoring groups, Orrville Railroad Heritage Society,
    Akron Railroad Club, Goodheart Productions and the Dennison Railroad
    Museum. There will still be no daily trains leaving from Sugarcreek.

    On September 13, 2003 the Orrville Railroad Heritage Society is
    running their forth-annual triangle trip on the Wheeling and Lake
    Erie Railroad and the Ohio Central Railroad

    <from their web site>
    This early fall trip will be our fourth steam/diesel excursion with
    the Wheeling & Lake Erie and Ohio Central RR. Any excursion into
    Southeast Ohio is scenic and this one is no exception! Our trip
    begins with ORHS diesel engine #471 pulling the train. Due to track
    rehabilitation east of Jewett, our steam locomotive portion of the
    trip (Locomotive 4-8-4 #6325) will begin at Bowerstown and will take
    us west of Coshocton to Trinway. We expect one and possibly two
    photo runbys on the steam portion of the trip. The train will return
    to Morgan Run and up to Baltic Hill to Sugarcreek pulled by several
    of the Ohio Central F Units, along with ORHS #471. A rare chance to
    see all 1950 era engines in road service!
    Fares: Coach $95, Child Coach $85, (Call Depot for First Class and
    Executive Class tickets) First Class $190, Executive Class $245
    Tickets must be ordered through the Orrville Railroad Heritage Society
    Call 330-683-2426 or Fax 330-682-2426 or use the ticket order blank
    from the website!
    For More information go to their website

    On October 4, 2003 the Akron Railroad Club has their annual
    outing/fund raiser. They will be leaving from Sugarcreek around 1 pm
    and going to The Ohio Central Railroad's main shop facility for a
    shop tour and photo-run-by. The trip will be pulled by 4-8-4 #6325.
    Check back to in the near future for ticket information.

    On October 11th and 12th, 2003 the Ohio Central will host a Fall
    Photo Charter in conjunction with Goodheart Productions. The Ohio
    Central will recreate the 1940's and 50's transforming 4-8-4 #6325
    back to her vintage GTW livery and will pull 40's and 50's era
    passenger and freight trains for many run-bys in several different
    locations. Seating is limited to the first 50 photographers per day.
    To see pictures from past photo charters go to seats are going quickly, so get
    your today. Tickets are $200/day and includes lunch, transportation
    from photo location to photo location and a full day of rare vintage
    steam photography. To order your tickets today go to:

    In December, the Ohio Central Railroad will run their annual Polar
    Express trains sponsored by the Dennison Railroad Museum. Trains will
    run December 4,5,6,11,12,13 and 20th from 7pm to 9pm leaving from
    Dreamsville (Dennison) and going to the North Pole. Ticket will go on
    sale August 15th. You can order yours by calling the Dennison
    Railroad Museum at (740)-922-6776 or by going to their website at (info will be posted soon)

    As you can see, this is not the schedule of past years, but
    considering the current insurance crunch, something is better than
    nothing. We are trying to stay positive and optimistic for 2004, all
    we can do is wait and hope insurance premiums top off and for the
    economy to rebound. We hope to see you this year.

    The Ohio Central Steam Department
    From the OC Steam Department List
  2. friscobob

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    Great news! I expect that we as steam folk will have to be satisfied with half a loaf, so to speak, rather than none (no runs at all).

    I too hope the insurance issues can be solved and the OC will be steamin' in '04!
  3. BoxcabE50

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    Am glad to know that they'll be able to run. Even if limited this season. That gives me hope for coming years.


    Boxcab E50

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