Gravella's newest subway station - Stair Way

Gravella Transit Jul 17, 2021

  1. Gravella Transit

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    Recently we've completed the newest station for Gravella Rapid Transit. Stair Way will be served by Blue and Orange Line trains. The design of the station, as with all of the subway stations, was influenced by the Washington Metro.

    More pictures have been uploaded to an album which can be found here

    The platforms are hobby wood. Much of the other objects are designed and 3D printed in house. The signage was printed on sticker paper. Strip LED lighting installed in similar fashion to DC Metrorail stations.
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  2. Mike VE2TRV

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    Very impressive!(y)

    As soon as I saw that photo, I had the same feeling as when I cross over on the walkway between platforms here in the Montreal Metro.

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