Exciting new HO releases?

RCB May 2, 2012

  1. James Fitch

    James Fitch TrainBoard Member

    Agree'd, most of the RTR line is better, some quite nice.
  2. friscobob

    friscobob Staff Member

    I have three Atlas/Roco GP38s that I superdetailed for Frisco, shaving off the clunky molded-on grab irons & lift rings & replacing with Details Associates parts. I may go back & retrofit 'em with GP38 handrail kits. I am loathe to part with them since they still run decently. I filled in that unsightly gap in the fuel tanks as well, but didn't bother to reshape the tanks. As far as, say, the Bachmann GP7s and GP9s, I know nothing about them except that they lack grabirons front & back- sounds like a little model-building would be in order (Oh the horror!!!). I agree with the 44-tonners and 70-tonners- they run like Swiss watches. And the Spectrum Decapod is not only well-detailed, but runs nicely too.
  3. brakie

    brakie TrainBoard Member

    There are several "exciting new releases" I'm interested in..

    1.Athearn's 50' FMC Offset Double Door Boxcar lettered for LVRC.I have one

    2.Athearn's 52' Mill Gondola lettered for GONX(Railgon).Supposed to have been release later this year but,now ????

    3.Atlas 50ft Berwick Boxcar lettered for Minnesota Commercial Railway.I picked one of these up recently.
  4. brakie

    brakie TrainBoard Member

    Jim,I seen 2 of the Bachmann GP7s all dress up with grabs,mu hoses,radio antenna and other such detail and they looked as good as the old Atlas GP..Both ran smooth and quiet..

    I also heard Bachmann's sound equipped S4 and they nailed the sound right down to the engine's chirp and whistling.The guy is going to add grabs and such to the S4.Another smooth runner.

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