EUROPE: Who made the best quality of ICE3 for N-Gauge?

vadimav Sep 14, 2009

  1. vadimav

    vadimav TrainBoard Member

    I need good current pickup, and all dynamic properties.

    As already known, Trix ICE 1 train has poor current pickup, and especially - static coupling which not allow to ride on slope or hills, shuting down curent pickup of previous cars, making derails if You ride on slopes on cutved track... etc.

    Trix also has ICE3 train - Who knows it's Quality?

    Arnold also has ICE 3, but I still under the influence of absolutely poor train Arnold -"Helvetia" (i reanimated it at all during 3 wheeks), and dont take into account Arnold at all.

    Who knows about workable ICE 3 - please write!

  2. r_i_straw

    r_i_straw Mostly N Scale Staff Member

    I know of only the Arnold and the Trix models of the ICE-3. I would say the Trix is the better of the two.
  3. vadimav

    vadimav TrainBoard Member

    I ll try to investigate about TRIX - ICE 3
    Still hope that ICE 3 not so poor as ICE 1!
  4. mathi

    mathi TrainBoard Member

    Hey Vadimav!

    Why not asking at the largest N-scale-forum in Germany: 1zu160 - willkommen beim spur n-portal
    Chose on the left side -Interaktiv- and enter the Forum.
    There is a huge society of enthusiasts with a widespread of knowledge.
    Give it a try and check it. I'm sure they will give you absolutely any information you need about this certain train. If you don't speak german don't hesitate to ask in english or even in russian lang.

  5. vadimav

    vadimav TrainBoard Member


    Sorry, i dont know deutsch at all,

    I tried to register and login "in the dark", but obtain only negative red results...
  6. Triplex

    Triplex TrainBoard Member

    If you want an English forum for German railway topics...
    Railways of Germany :: Home
    Sorry, can't help more. A fan of German railways, but with no relevant modelling experience.
  7. to2leo

    to2leo TrainBoard Member

    Hi vadimav,
    I have both the Minitrix and the Arnold ICE-3. They are now being send to their perspective shops for warranty issues.

    Minitrix ICE-3 has bad engine, it was making thumping noise, I sent my ICE-3 to it about 4 months ago, I am still waiting for it to respond.

    Arnold's ICE-3 Renfe has nice style but BAD couplers. Once you couple them, you cannot uncouple them unless you are going to break it.

    I would only recommend Fleischmann ICE-T but the cost can get you 2 Kato TGVs....
  8. vadimav

    vadimav TrainBoard Member

    Oh, thanks, Now i ll starts to amass money for Fleishmann!

    In addition, As to MiniTrix ICE 1 - their motor is OK and it's even better than Arnold, , but only fairy toy or as museum train, which cannot ride!

    To ride well i initially worried for a long time but then decide to make them nonseparable!!!!!,

    All because badly static coupling - looks very beautiful and disengageable, but there are no dynamic!
    , Also, if train occasionally touches the rain by this metallic coupling - decoder fires up !

    Finally i remade this train at all! beginning all wheels suspension, and ending by connecting all cars by thin wires for noninterruptable lights and current pickup!

  9. vadimav

    vadimav TrainBoard Member

    Final statement of AFFAIRS:

    As i explored on german forum:
    Only Fleishmann is making hi-quality professional ICE 1 and 2 (and ICE-T)
    But They still dont start making ICE 3
  10. nickelplate759

    nickelplate759 TrainBoard Member

    That thumping is because the gears on the driven axels of the power car have cracked. I have a Minitrix ICE-3, and the gear on each of the 4 driven axel has cracked. Dunno how to get replacements in the US.

    Apart from that, the train is very nice, ran beautifully (until the gears cracked) and has a DCC socket. It does not have any lights, however, and flanges are too deep for Code 55 rail (apart from PECO's).
  11. vadimav

    vadimav TrainBoard Member



    I reshaped wheels of my europian ICE1 up to flange = 0.6 mm (Atlas standart)
    It's usual and simply operation.

    Trucks of my ICE 1 were good, but main constructor's idea were not good, they forget to make springing(be flexible) all axles into trucks.
  12. to2leo

    to2leo TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for telling us what the thumping noise comes from. I never dropped the train and it was lightly use.

    If you bought your ICE-3 within 2 years, you can certainly send the item back to your hobby shop who in return send it back to Trix. But again, it will be a long wait.

    Another note of Fleischmann ICE-T, DO NOT BUY THEIR INTERIOR LIGHTING set. The bulbs (not LEDs) suck up so much power that the train speed will slow down to a craw. Also, their electrical pick up for lighting cause a lot of frictions.

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