DCC++ with Roco turnouts

Mike23 Dec 29, 2020

  1. Mike23

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    I try to build a DCC++ system with Roco elements. I have Arduino Mega, Arduino Motorshield, 4 locos, and some Roco turnouts. Everything is fine except turnouts. 4 of them have installed Roco decoder, and I can use them with Roco MultiMouse. I programmed them Turnout1, Turnout5, Turnout9 and Turnout13 by Multimaus. I tried in DCC++ to make the first control like this:
    <T 1 1 0><E><T 1 1><T 1 0>
    It does not work.
    I tried:
    <T 1 0 1><E><T 1 1><T 1 0>
    It does not work.
    The command <T> shows the turnouts, but that is all.
    I think, my problem is with turnout and DCC++ address.
    Is there anybody who had similar system, and it works?
    How should I set turnouts? What parameters to use?
    If someone can send me any information I will be very happy.
    Best regards, Miklos.
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  3. Mike23

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    Thank You mikethi for Your answer!
    Finally I was able to solve it.
    Shortly: Roco Turnout1 = <T 1 0 0>, so address is 0 and subaddress is 0.
    Roco Turnout5 = 1 0
    Roco Turnout9 = 2 0
    That is all. :)
    And it works!
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