Crowdfunding: N scale Fairbanks Morse Erie Built A and B (Road Specific Detailed)

orionfield Jun 7, 2018

  1. orionfield

    orionfield TrainBoard Member

    We have another N scale Crowdfunding project going. New Fairbanks Morse Erie Built As and Bs. Each crowdfund unit is $10. We are eating the printing and shipping costs to those who help us fund the development of this new kit. There is as a limit of 25 Crowdfunding units, and we have 14 units remaining.

    Once all units are sold, the model will go into development. Once Development is complete, you will be sent your model, at no additional cost, one week before it goes on sale to the public. If we do not sell all of the allotted units, we will take the number sold into account, and make a decision on whether or not to proceed with making the kit. If we choose not to move forward, you will receive a full refund.

    Once we reach the goal, and Development starts, I will email all customers individually who ordered this and get their requirements as to A and B units, as well as what road specific details they are looking for. We will also create a thread here on Trainboard that will share all development updates with everyone. My hope is that the input we get from the members here, and on a couple other forums will help us make an accurate and faithful product.

    Clear parts will be included, they will be clear 3D Printed.

    The Fairbanks Morse Erie Built Locomotives were built between 1945 and 1949 at Fairbanks Morse's Erie Pennsylvania plant. The original customers were:

    ATSF: A Units: 90, 90B. B Unit: 90A

    CNW: A Units: 6001A, 6001B, 6002A, 6002B

    MILW: A Units: 5A–9A, 5C–9C, 21A, 21B, 22A, 22B RE# 5A–14A, 11B–14B

    B Units: 5B–9B, 21C. Later 21C was renumbered 10B

    KCS: A Units: 60A, 60C, 61A, 61C, 62A, 62C B Units: 60B, 61B, 62B

    NYC: A Units: 4400–4405, 5000–5005 B Units: 5100–5101

    PRR: A Units: 9456A–9491A B Units: 9456B–9478B (even numbers only)

    UP: A Units: 700–707 B Units: 700B, 702B–704B, 706B

    The 3D Printed shell will be designed for the Kato PA Mechanism. The development process will take some time, please feel free to message us for updates.

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  2. orionfield

    orionfield TrainBoard Member

    5 Units left.
  3. Robert Shaffer

    Robert Shaffer TrainBoard Member

    Just out of curiosity, the KCS units had different sideframes is there a plan to also print and sell sideframes to fit the Kato PA mechanism?

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