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    Hey Russ, while you are at it, how about posting the instructions on how to post photos on Trainboard. After going almost ten years without a camera I finally got a decent one. At one time there were instructions here on posting photos but I can't find them.
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    The simplest way is to drag a photo from your desk top or an open file folder and drop it into the Reply Field at the bottom of the page in the thread you are in. You may have to resize it to a smaller image for it to be accepted. I forget what the upper limit is but I usually upload them at 1280 pixels wide. It then gives you the option of posting it as a Thumbnail or Full Image.

    Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 7.27.26 PM.png
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    My image posting results recently have been--well--puzzling. I have a website and sometimes posting images from it works, and sometimes not. I haven't posted anything to Railimages for years. So I'm left with attaching them from my very skittish new Mac, and only after resizing them in an even more skittish version of Photoshop. I finally broke down and went with Adobe Creative Cloud and newer versions of MacOS. That was a mistake, but I was forced into it by 3D software and 3D printer drivers that just would not run on older versions of MacOS like Snow Leopard. Oh well, I am probably moving yet again, this time to a newer house with workshops and a trainroom, so this too will pass.

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    I like to post this although it may not be the subject of the present discussion. This viaduct was built by an American company the Pennsylvania and Maryland Bridge Construction Company in 1900 in Burma (now Myanmar) and still being used today, a remarkable feat of engineering. It was the largest railway trestle in the world at that time. I traveled over it and took this photograph.
    MNR DSCF2116.jpg
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