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tallred Nov 11, 2006

  1. Adam Woods

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    Once again depends on where you are at and whats going on. I was in the yards for about 1 day, but I think that is the exception.
  2. KCS

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    That's PURE BS! Well, I think after reading such a thing I am just throwing such a job right out the window before even trying to go work for the RR. To me I would file againest wrongful termination without reason. woo woo woo is wrong with BNSF? Just for failing a test to try and move up a position. It should just be more of something like if you fail it you can't take the test for say a year, but not just get rid of you as an emloyee completely.
  3. KCS

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    Longview eh? You ever make it to the Longview train show at the fairgrounds convention center?
  4. VVayne

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    I found this thread interesting as I will be trying to get on with BNSF in Longview, Washington when I move up there at the start of the year when the Navy is finished with me.
  5. Kevin M

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    I was only in Vancouver for a short time but I got a strong impression that there is not much left for BNSF jobs in Longview WA. You might have better luck in Vancouver or Seattle.
    Have a great Navy, Marine Corp day,
  6. Charlie

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    Whoa! big fella!

    Did you read the previous posts? The reason is due to a negotiated
    agreement. Before you even start training you will be signing waivers
    that you agree to the terms of employment and labor contracts. You
    agree to pass the conductors qualifying exam within a given time limit or
    you are separated from the company.
    Once an employee and you opt to enter the locomotive engineers program you sign a number of documents waiving your right to continued employement if you fail to pass your engineers exams within
    a given period of time,or if you fail your recert exams and tests.You also sign an agreement that you cannot refuse to be promoted to engineer in the event that your seniority is insufficient to hold an engineers job and you exercise seniority to hold a job in your previous class/craft, when an engineer slot opens up you must accept the assignment or you will be terminated.
    Remember the railroad will be giving you the authority to operate heavy,dangerous,fast moving machinery,carrying precious and hazardous materials worth millions of dollars through heavily populated
    as well as desolately remote areas. The carriers dont want ill equipped
    or ill-tempered persons to touch their trains. Railroading is not a Monopoly game. It is a serious and sometimes dangerous business. If you want the "romance of the rails", read the foamer magazines.
    If you aren't afraid of hard,dirty,fatiguing work and want a job that will pay you a living wage and provide you with better than average benefits, then put away your pride, hope you have a long-suffering and understanding family, tell your friends you will see them once in a blue moon,and then go railroading. Its all guts and very little glory.

  7. doofus

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  8. OC Engineer JD

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    I hate to say it but Charlies right......alot of hard work, for very little glory! I love what I do, but family, friends, and your time suffer constantly. If you think you will somehow 'beat' the system and have a 'normal' life working for the railroad, forget it.
  9. Charlie

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    I didn't want that to sound as demeaning as it was, however in my conductors class, about 1/2 of the class was from Nebraska(Lincoln).
    These people were working as conductors,not students,on their division
    which was largely coal traffic while those of us from Chicago(a little less
    than 1/2) were still doing student qualifying at Cicero yard. Cicero Yard
    was a hump yard at the time and the first of several MONTHS of qualifying. We still had the long pool,(Chicago-LaCrosse WI),road-switchers,Eola Yard,Rochelle(including the Rockford and Mt.Morris branches)Mendota and the Fox River Branch plus hostler training and
    suburban(METRA)training to complete. Those folks from Nebraska were making the big bucks,out one day,back the next and repeating that pattern while we were to draw student pay for another 4 -5 months!!!
    Eola Yard was my "home terminal", but in my first year and a half, I probably worked a total of one month on jobs at Eola. Most of the time
    I spent at Cicero and in suburban jobs from the extra board.


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