BCD Turnout Control Circuit

Ray Stilwell Jul 17, 2005

  1. Ray Stilwell

    Ray Stilwell TrainBoard Member

    This topic is for discussion of the BCD (BiPolar Capacitor-Discharge) circuits.Please confine your replies to the subject. There are several other threads for expressing your opinions and preferences for other methods.

    I'm starting the topic because the Atlas N forum is down and some on this forum have requested more information.

    Here is the circuit for UniTrack Turnouts:

    Here are the circuits for twin-coil machines:

    There are at least 8 of us using the circuits with excellent results, some for over 3 years.

    If you want the complete story incliuding parts list and route-control circuits, get copies of the May and June issues of Mainline Modeler.

    I'll try to answer any questions.

    The features of the new circuit are:

    1. Zero delay between successive operation of the turnout.

    2. Energy tailored to the specific turnout (or group of turnouts) prevents damage to the switch machines.

    3. Simple SPDT toggle switch indicates the direction of the turnout. (DPDT used for twin-coil machines).

    4. Easily added dual color LED indication.

    5. Simple and low cost.

    6. Operates from a low-power DC source - even a low current 12 volt wall wart will do.

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  2. Ray Stilwell

    Ray Stilwell TrainBoard Member

    Anyone tried the BCD circuit? What was your experience?
  3. G&G Railway

    G&G Railway TrainBoard Member

    I am presently using the BCD circuit with power up reset. The circuit works great in contolling my turnouts. Due to my ignorance of understanding of electronic schematics I made a few mistakes. But with the help of Ray and a friend I was able to get the circuit to work 100%. It was a little challenging for me but in the end it was worth it. Just take your time with the wiring, keep it neat and you shouldnt have any problems. It is cost effective.
    Thanks Ray

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