Bachmann B23-7/B30-7 Coupler Conversion

David Leonard Sep 14, 2010

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  1. David Leonard

    David Leonard TrainBoard Member

    Here’s how I ended up mounting MTL’s on the Bachmann B23/30-7. First I removed the factory coupler box (attached with two screws). Cut the little posts off the mounting plate (red arrows). (Note that the knuckle is backwards in the photo—don’t let that throw you off.) [​IMG]

    Next I filed the mounting plate down about 1/64” so that the MTL 2004 coupler box will fit comfortably in the pilot opening.

    Screw the mounting plate back on the body, using the same coupler box screws. Mark, drill and tap a hole in the mounting plate at your desired distance from the pilot face. There’s 3/16” or so of space to drill, depending on how far back you want the knuckles. I drilled exactly between the two mounting plate screws, but if you operate on short radius track, you may want to have the coupler stick further out.

    The result is just a tad too low, but should be OK. Note how much smaller the original Kadee N scale coupler (on the coupler gauge) is than current versions.

    If you want to raise the coupler a bit more, you’ll need to file the mounting plate thinner. It should work OK, but if you want more anchorage for the screw, top off the inside of the little square cavity in the shell with bits of styrene, applying Tenax or similar.
  2. skipgear

    skipgear TrainBoard Member

    It looks like the coupler David used is a 2004 (underslung) coupler, not a 1015.

    A 2004 is what I used on the H16-44 that came out at the same time. This method will get the coupler height a little closer.

    Here is how I did the conversion on the H16-44:

    The bits:

    Glue the styrene inserts in the gap between pilot face and reinforcement rib:

    Install the coupler:

    The result:
  3. Flash Blackman

    Flash Blackman Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

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