Atlas/BLMA drop-style grabs

prbharris Feb 9, 2019

  1. prbharris

    prbharris TrainBoard Supporter

    We are redesigning the walkways and grabs on one of our newest cars - the NWF13 53' d/stack car - following earlier comments. It has been suggested that we design the walkways to take the drop style grabs. However, I do not have any of these here, and in order to make the etch suitable for them I need some dimensions.

    Would you suggest the 15" or the 18" for the d/stack wellcars?

    What dimensions should there be for the holes in the etch to receive the grabs?

    We will include an etch for the grabs in the fret for those with no access to the Atlas/BLMA drop grabs.

    Thank you


    Peter Harris
    N Scale Kits
  2. jpwisc

    jpwisc TrainBoard Member

    I would suggest using TrainWorx drop grabs. They are the only ones that do your cars justice.
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