April Tax Season Weathering Challenge...

bremner Apr 1, 2016

  1. barlowfaudio

    barlowfaudio TrainBoard Member

    Nice looking set of cars Brad, I can see you are progressing with your weathering skills.
    Nice even tones and textures on the fades and the grime. Everything looking to scale.
    My only call out on this set is, I think the trucks could use more love as they are just kind of an even gray in color.
    On your next round of cars, try brushing on a very diluted dark brown wash with cheap craft paint over that gray and see what happens.
    Also I'd hit the all wheel faces with a darker rusty brown.
    Keep on slinging!

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  2. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    Thank you for your suggestions Craig. Yes, the truck side frames are nicely detailed and that should be brought out. I've been using rail brown on the trucks and wheels just to get the black plastic look off. I've seen some very good looking trucks on some of the entries.
  3. Bendtracker1

    Bendtracker1 TrainBoard Supporter

    Brad I agree with Craig.
    Seeing much improvement on this round. (y)
    Also agree with craig with his suggestions.

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