Alco S2 ATSF: Long Hood Forward?

BigJake Jan 10, 2021

  1. Paul Graf

    Paul Graf TrainBoard Member

    Look on the sill of the engine, the front would be designated with an F painted on there. This was so the crew knew which direction the locomotive was facing in regards to "come ahead" or "take 'em back". It is required by the FRA, so if it isn't on your model, find a prototype photo and you will be able to determine what is correct.
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  2. Martin Station

    Martin Station TrainBoard Member

    I have seen a photo of B&M SW1 1129 being used in local service and having a snow plow on the back but not the front. I thought this was kind of strange because the SW1 is set up for LHF, until it dawned on me that the plow was maybe for crew protection? I would think it would help push away anything that would would strike the pilot when operating SHF. You can google "photo B&M SW1 1129" and see this or check it out on one of your favorite locomotive photo sites. I would love to have a model of this. I have a Arnold SW1 1115 but it's an early phase and never had this, 1129 is a late phase and had the hood mounted number boards and horn hood mounted on a stand. I always thought this would make a great short line locomotive.
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