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Joe D'Amato Dec 20, 2011

  1. Joe D'Amato

    Joe D'Amato TrainBoard Member

    Hi Guys,

    Found this site http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~konishi/list200hikouki.htm and they list a bunch of metal 1/200 ac. These are a bit big for Z but I think some of them would be good stand ins for the military minded. I just picked up a 1/200 C-130 and have been figuring out how to blend it in my layout :eek:)

  2. SJ Z-man

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    If you have Google Translation installed, it helps a LOT. I like the helicoptors but still a bit too big for me. I'm, looking for a smaller 2 seater for my mountain top radio station. I'm going to order the 2102 and 2079 through my Japanese colleague and pick them up when I meet him in Hong kong next month. He can deal with the Japanese page :)
  3. Joe D'Amato

    Joe D'Amato TrainBoard Member

    What a show off Jeff!! :eek:) most of us mere mortals would order it, but you are going to save postage and fly to Hong Kong to pick it up!!! :eek:)

  4. Lindley Ruddick

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    I cannot read nor translate Japanese but I can translate the price. They seem rather expensive to me but since it is the only game in town............ I guess if you want to play, you have to pay.
  5. JamesTraction

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    actually Burbank House of Hobbies has a pretty good selection of military and commercial aviation models (1:200 and other scales). I don't know if they're more $$, but at least you can look before buying.
  6. RSmidt

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    I'm interested in using 1/200 scale aircraft in Z scale as well. I've been meaning to make a list of all the aircraft in 1/200 as well as 1/220-1/250 that would be good for Z scale. There is much more out there than people realize ranging from nicely detailed inexpensive toys up to $$$ museum quality models.

    For helicopters:
    - BK-117 - Fast Lane toys makes some Micromachine-like cars that come in multipacks for about $5.99. A coupe of their sets (found at Toys R Us) have two of these BK-117 helicopters included. They are nicely detailed but will need the rotor blades replaced. They are almost exactly 1/220 scale. They also have pontoons instead of normal landing skids. (But the price is right.) This helicopter is commonly used for commercial and air-ambulance applications.
    - UH-60 - The old Micro-Machines UH-60 is almost exactly 1/220 scale. You can still get them off of EBay.
    Bell 222 - The old Micro-Machines Bell 222 is is about 1/203 scale but will need new rotors and landing gear.
    - CH-46/Boeing Vertol 107 - Loren got me a Japanese Furuta Toys (I think?) model that is almost exactly 1/220 scale. The rotor blades don't turn however.
    - I've seen 1/200 resin cast UH-1B, UH-1D, CH-47, UH-1N, Gazelles, and OH-6 from wargaming sources.
    - The MicroMachines S-58 and UH-1N may be closer to Z than to N or 1/200 but I haven't found mine to measure them (in the middle of packing up that room getting ready for a renovation.)
    - Significant Civilian helicopters that are still missing are: Robinson R-22 & R-44, Bell 13, Hughes 300, Bell JetRanger (206), Dolphin, Augusta 109, and more modern Eurocopter designs.

    And for the N scalers out there, I've found a few that are good for N while looking for Z, including: Bell 406, Bell UH-1B, UH-1N, CH-46, UH-60, OH-6/MD500, MD 530, BO-105, BK-117, EC-135, and A109. These are not 1/144 scale but range from 1/154-1/168.
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  7. RSmidt

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    By the way, Joe, nice find on this website. A few of the pieces they have, I haven't seen anywhere else.
  8. Curn

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    I was looking for Z scale aircraft and found a company in the UK called Helmet Historical Aircraft that sells a wide range of 1/200 scale white metal model airplanes, many of them in a kit format. They carry all eras of aircraft, and also have them available assembled and painted. I also ordered some 1/285 aircraft from GHQ. 1/200 is much closer to Z scale, but the 1/285 could be used for for a background scene. None of the kits come with decals. Many of the GHQ aircraft don't have landing gear, but all the 1/200 scale kits have them as an optional part.

    Kits: Back Row: Helmet 1/200 P47, P40, and Spad XIII. Front Row GHQ 1/285 P47D, O-1 Bird Dog, and Russian I-16.

    Helmet 1/200 Sopwith Pup Kit
  9. Garth-H

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  10. BurlingtonRoute

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    If you are doing old time aircraft in modern times, you could use the smaller scale aircraft. Lots of home built replicas are smaller than the actual originals.So if you are doing a mini Oshkosh experimental type aircraft meet, you could get by with a smaller that normal P-51 or SPAD, and it would not be an anachronism. Larger perhaps, not so realistic.
  11. Eric McGrath

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