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Weathered Hoppers on the BNSF BenZach Sub (2)

Weathered Hoppers on the BNSF BenZach Sub (2)
Pete D, Oct 19, 2009
    • harley54
      an artwork, the cars, the engine as the picture!

    • mikelhh
      I'll second that! I love the filthy Railbox and that distant building still intrigues me. I'd like one just like it.
    • Pete D
      Wolfgang and Mike,
      Thanks much for the kind words--I appreciate the positive feedback!

      That building is a kit--I'll see if I can find out who makes it. Maybe they have an HO-Scale one as well.
    • verse2damax
      WOW!!! Now that's how I want my rolling stock to look. Very nice weathering job!
    • Pete D
      Thanks much!
      It's mostly done by applying a black wash (acrylic-based), letting it dry, and then cleaning it off with Q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol.
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