SP 9811

SP 4759 & 4742

C-50-9 4742 is a Police cab

SP 4759 & 4742
SP 9811, Jan 15, 2007
    • caseyjohns
      What, if any, is the difference between this and other caboose cars?
    • BarstowRick
      This is the most recent SP bay window crummy. There are at least, three other different types of bay windows, ladders, lettering and etc. Actually, more then that when you consider the number of rebuilds many of them went through.

      If I have time I will post to one of my albums three different types of SP hacks, all bay windows.

      And that has been scrubbed. You can send me a PM with your e-mail address and I will send you pictures from my collection of copyrighted pictures. Privately of course.
    • BarstowRick
      Feel free to stop by for a visit: Hunnh?

      Just a brief explanation.

      Let's just say that in this forum copyrighted pictures aren't the best idea. So, to stay on good terms with my good friends whose pictures I was using to illustrate the different SP bay window cabooses. I decided after seeking sound counsel and talking to Mark Watson, to remove them. It's all good.

      In the past it's been considered appropriate to use anyone's so called copyrighted pictures as long as you weren't selling them and using them strictly for illustrative purposes. I did receive a complaint and decided to remove them. Sadly, there is no way to retrieve or give you a website address for some of these pictures. At the demise of one of my good friends the family shut down the website.

      Keith aka Caseyjohns, welcome to TrainBoard and be sure to come back and stay in touch.
    • SP 9811
      These are bay window crummies. There were also cupola, extended vision, transfer, etc. All different as to where the crew member sat to monitor the train.
    • caseyjohns
      What I meant, was there any special about this one given it was listed as a "Police cab" compared to others?
    • SP 9811
      To my knowledge, no. Just that the police crummies were used on sensitive/important moves, and SP police officers where aboard to monitor the train. Sometimes shadowed by a police vehicle.
    • subwayaz
      Nice photos and really appreciate the explanations.
    • ScaleCraft
      Probably the first time I can recall ever seeing oxy-acetylene tanks chained to the end platform of a non-MOW caboose.
      Wonder what they were expecting?
    • SP 9811
      4759 was used on the Tehachapi work train. MOW was its job when this picture was taken.
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