JPIII, Dec 10, 2012
    • JPIII
      I'm hoping for a tough critique here. This is my first Caspia tree and it doesn't look quite right to me.
    • HOexplorer
      JPIII, Nice tree, but I see what your talking about. You've seen mine I'm sure and if you are trying to replicate mine then here is a hint. My trees model second growth timber. My trees, in 1931, are about 35+ years old. Your tree is about the same height, but it shows a younger tree. Your tree should be only about 20/30 feet high to look right with this spread of foliage. Start over and make the upper branches much shorter. My 'full' growth 35 year old trees are about are about 10" high. Your tree is simply out of proportion. Make every branch a bit short and you will be right.

      Is this HO or N? N scale Caspia trees need 'tiny' branches compare to HO to look right. You are on the right track. Jim
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