Northwestern Pacific and California State Belt

John Petrovitz, Feb 20, 2009
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    • Kurt Moose
      Great layout you have, well done!!(y)
    • John Petrovitz
      @Kurt Moose Thank you,Kurt. Sorry I’m so late in replying... ( To be frank, I haven’t “checked into” the site for quite a while.)
      I love your Milwaukee Road stuff. I once thought about modeling it... but being here in “South City”, CA, the California State Belt and the Northwestern Pacific’s “call” was just too “strong”... as well as the fact that I love SD7’s and 9’s (NWP’s “choice of horse power”) could also explain where I “ended up.”
      I haven’t posted anything in years and probably should do so again. Suppose in our current situation (and now that I’m retired)... I have no excuse not to!
      Thanks again. Looking forward to seeing your stuff!
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