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Colonel Mar 29, 2013

  1. Paul Liddiard

    Paul Liddiard Staff Member

    Jim: I have room for a layout, but need to move a wall...which involves an engineer, which means I need to contract that out.....
  2. DougL

    DougL TrainBoard Member

    Rather than post them singly, all except of 3 were acquired in the past 12 months. A 2-10-0 'Hippo' is on the way. Is it obvious I prefer PRR?
    top-to bottom is old-to-new, an 1898 Mogul and American on top, a huge J1 at the bottom.

    The display case is constructed of recycled pre-finished bamboo flooring. Pre-finished flooring has several advantages over plain pine. It does not need finishing. It is usually temperature and humidity resistant. Some disadvantages: You usually need to trim the tongue from one side. It is constructed with much glue and epoxy, which gives off annoying fumes during cutting.

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  3. dalebaker

    dalebaker TrainBoard Member

    Due to reliability issues with the POCR SW1500 it was decided by management to secure a lease locomotive for long-term use at the port. GMTX 401 was leased from GATX Locomotive Group. It arrived today and the local crew put her through the wye and other trackage to test her out. Athearn GP 15-1 with Tsunami sound and DCC. She runs very sweet, with good low speed performance.
    I attended the NW Arkansas show a couple of weeks ago and came across some ladies selling off estate cars. I picked up 8 of them at a decent cost. 3 plastic pellet hoppers, 2 KCS boxcars, a ConRail coil car (not shown), a Ashley Drew box and the ARCO car. The City of Prineville box car came from eBay. All have been treated with metal wheels and weathered. I didn't have the heart to really dirty up the pellet cars so they were mildly weathered and added stripes.
    IMG_1180.JPG IMG_1179.JPG IMG_1178.JPG IMG_1177.JPG IMG_1176.JPG IMG_1175.JPG
    Thanks for looking!
  4. PeaceRiverRailway3210

    PeaceRiverRailway3210 TrainBoard Member

  5. dti406

    dti406 TrainBoard Member


    I recently acquired a Six Car BLI Wabash Blue Bird set of Passenger Cars, will have a complete picture when our club layout is back in operation.

    Rick Jesionowski
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