Z SCALE Rokuhan Turntable and Archistories Turntable Enhancement Kit Special

z.scale.hobo Jul 12, 2018

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    SPECIAL: Buy a Rokuhan Turntable (Rokuhan S037) together with Archistories Turntable Enhancement kit (Archistories 103161) for $399.99 and get FREE USA Priority Mail shipping! Offer valid in the USA only. (Note: price will be adjusted to $399.99 and shipping refunded after your payment is made):
    link to product page: https://zscalehobo.com/rokuhan/S037.html

    Rokuhan S037 as received...

    Product image showing the Archistories turntable enhancement kit installed onto the S037 turntable. Note that obnoxious screws vanish and the control booth is not bright green any longer! :D
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