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    I see that this thread has been up for a while, but am glad to have found it -- it has served to clear-up a mystery about something that was defying my capacity for understanding. I had not realized that for power-routed turn-outs, the power only gets cut to one of the two rails. Now that I know this it makes complete sense, and I totally get the *unexpected* results that I was seeing with some of my test layouts. For most of the situations I was setting-up, everything worked as I expected it to, and no problems. But for others, I was seeing things work in ways that made me think `huh... that doesn't seem as-advertised...' And now, thinking back on it, I know that what I've been seeing is this phenomenon of opposite-connecting rails meeting and completing a circuit. Good to know!

    And nice set-up, BTW -- it's actually a bit similar to what I've got planned for my first permanent layout.
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    Hi all,

    here are some pics of the current status of work, made while being part of the annual train show in Emleben /Thuringia.

    Side of grain elevator and interchange track:
    Emleben 2018_02.jpg

    Depot, freight house and team track:
    Emleben 2018_03.jpg

    New bridge and stock yard:
    Emleben 2018_04.jpg

    Water tower and controls:
    Emleben 2018_06.jpg

    Beauties at the station....
    Emleben 2018_07.jpg
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    The track laying looks very realistic. Of course the landscape too.(y)
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    Hallo Ronald,

    dankeschön :) and great work on your website!

    Hi all,
    I began work on creek side cutting the embankments out of foam. Because the creek is bending there will be two types of embankment: steeper on outside bend, gentle slope on inside bend. Should look something like this:

    Bachvorlage.JPG Stand 2018-12-06_01.jpg Stand 2018-12-06_04.jpg Stand 2018-12-06_06.jpg

    Before this I let grow weeds around the siding for "eastbound" trains unlike the main tracks to the left and right side.

    Stand 2018-12-06_02.jpg
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