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HoboTim Nov 7, 2010

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    I wanted one of the Mi-jack container canes a while back and though you were still making them. But found that you wasn't so I took on my self to 3D print one. I know how you feel about 3D printing but when you don't have all the money in the world to do thing or the right experience you do what you can I did the Mi-Jack and the Taylor reach truck in 3D printed and I feel they turned out fairly good for what I needed not in any contest or business doing them. I'm not a professional designer. SO I think they came out well. but not like toy where you can play with them. I have had these for about three years now and still all in one piece! nothing broken and have been moved around a lot. I might not be as good as Stony but I do my best for an old man not too old but old enough! My Taylor reach truck which I have two types one for aluminum coils to load coil cars the other containers. It has a movable boom and will hold a 53' container in the container clamp! as you can see in one drawing. I have been trying to do all sorts of project with different types of railroad cars some really strange! Things I find interesting . I also wish I had some of these people living next door! these are all Z scale!! I wish you still did them! I would like to have one of the Mi-Jack lifts! lighted! they were cool looking!

    IMG_2498.JPG IMG_4682.JPG IMG_4685.JPG IMG_4534.JPG
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    Just computer generated ones.
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