Jacksonville Terminal Company's New 20' and 40' Corrugated Side Containers and Retro-Fit Underframes

pmpexpress Mar 11, 2018

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    Newly tooled models, on March 8, 2018 Jacksonville Terminal Company announced it is releasing 20' standard height and 40' high cube corrugated side containers.

    Expected to arrive in June 2018, the 40' paint schemes are:

    Stock Number 405002 CMA CGM (Advanced scheme)

    Stock Number 405003 APL

    Stock Number 405005 CP SHIPS

    Stock Number 405007 CIA INTERASIA

    Stock Number 405013 BEACON LEASING

    Stock Number 405031 LISKI

    Stock Number 405032 BEACON G C L

    Expected to arrive in June/July 2018, the 20' paint schemes are:

    Stock Number 205301 APL (blue)

    Stock Number 205302 TIPHOOK

    Stock Number 205304 SAFMARINE

    Stock Number 205323 CLINIC IN A CAN

    A really clever innovation, in addition to the aforementioned containers, JTC is marketing some container retro-fit kits that will permit stacking compatibility between Atlas 40', JTC, Micro-Trains 48' and 53', and Scale Trains 53' models.


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