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    Double slip switch wiring

    Anyone had to deal with a double slip switch that reverses polarity from one cross-over side to the other? (Like that hasn't happened before LOL). I would like to know if you used two or three different power packs and how did you isolate the rails, ie. insulated rail joiners, gap, mica, etc.

    I currently have what could be considered a round loop that traverses from one mainline on an outer path to two inside of that. I know it's not much to go on now, but with the right questions asked of me I may be better able to describe it.

    This is a good conundrom for me to solve. Exactly why I love this hobby.

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    I believe the approach most people take when a reversing loop hits a slip, is to put the slip either entirely within or entirely without the reversing section. (usually without)

    At least in N scale it's usually too fiddly to try to cut all the right places and wire all the feeders, without breaking everything and melting everything else
    Certainly in larger scales, if you're nimble-fingered (nimble-ironed?) enough, it could be done.

    Wiring for DCC covering double-slips

    If you really want to make a reverse-loop go through a double slip, my advice would be to get a photo or big drawing of the slip, and start colour-coding rails and guard-rails, and see which ones need to be which polarity.
    Good Luck!
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    Thanks for the info and web site. I was affraid I would hear somthing of this nature. I will try to figure out exactly what to do and hopefully it wont be too painful. Thanks again.

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