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Thread: Spark Arrestors

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    Smile Spark Arrestors

    I was trying to model some spark arrestors. I found a lot of interesting information about spark arrestors completely unrelated to modeling them.

    What follows is a narrative of an email I sent to Colonel about spark arrestors on normally aspirated engines. (Spark arrestors are found on turbocharged engines, too.) It may not sound cogent, but the links ate the things to follow. There is a lot of information here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Flash Blackman
    This is the only SP four stack engine that I know of.

    Interesting, useless information except that all turbocharged locomotives have only one exhaust stack. "Supercharged" locomotives have two or more exhaust stacks. This does not answer the question we are asking about normally aspirated engines.

    PDF file. Seems interesting info about types of arrestors.

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    More info on normally aspirated engines:

    Nice model:

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    Some excellent information thanks for your help :D

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