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    Question Hobby Stores in Dallas-Fort Worth?

    What are the best stores to go to for trains (especially N-scale) in the DFW Metroplex? I'm going there over the weekend to meet my father, who is in Plano for buisness (and will be riding AMTRAK Austin-Dallas, then DART to Plano).

    The only hobby store in DFW I ever went to was Hobby Maker in Bedford, but its now closed. I have heard Powersteamguy's praises for Discount Model Trains in Addison, and plan on visiting, but are there any other good places?

    I'm also visiting the 26th Annual Lone Star Rail Fair in Fort Worth over the weekend, too. Might take Trinity Railway Express over to Ft. Worth, and that way ride all the passenger RRs in the DFW Metroplex.
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    Other than Discount Model Trains, I only ever went to Bobbie Hall's. And she shut down years ago.
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    Another good one...

    Buddy Spraggins Title: owner

    E-mail Address(es):

    Business Information:
    Company: "Model Train Crossing"
    1113 West Pipeline Rd.
    Hurst Texas

    Phone: 817-595-0800

    (I use this one.)
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    If discount Model trains is the one I'm thinking of (kind of in an industrial/warehouse type building close to an airport, not DFW) its INCREDIBLE! You'll probably spend twice as much as you planned. I did!

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    Discount Model Trains in Addison Texas near the airport is THE hobby shop for trains in the Dallas area.

    I suggest you have some spare cash on hand. There are over 60,000 items in stock in all scales.

    N scale is well represented in this LHS.

    I was there about four weeks ago and whenever I'm in Dallas I always stop at DMT.

    Stay cool and run steam.....

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    DMT is awesome... I lived in Denton (30 minutes away and $2 in tolls) but it was WELL worth the drive. The salespeople are truly wonderful too.
    Mike - a happy TB minion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powersteamguy1790
    Discount Model Trains in Addison Texas near the airport is THE hobby shop for trains in the Dallas area...
    Now, just to clarify, Bob is talking about the Addison airport (due North of Dallas, go up the Dallas Tollway, past the galleria). Not DFW, nor Love Field, nor that airport between Ft. Worth and TMS, nor any of the other little airports that are in the DFW area.


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    other airport = Alliance Airfield

    Doug, the guy a Silver Spike never had anything in that I needed, except for 2 times. He didn't seem real friendly either. Pity, as his store was only a 5-minute drive
    Mike - a happy TB minion

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    I've never had a problem with the owner at DMT. As a matter of fact, I found Wayne to be very helpful.


    I was referring to the Addison airport. The store is in Addison Texas, near Plano and isn't near DFW airport.

    Stay cool and run steam.....

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    Wayne was very helpful to me, even gave me a few additional discounts when his prices were higher that online stuff. Plus I just love the on-hand selection...
    Mike - a happy TB minion

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