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    You are correct that is my model of the MFA elevator in the back ground. If someone familiar with the area recognized it I guess I did better than I thought. The layout is very much a work in progress in my 20 x 30ish space, it is HO scale. Iím not from the area just fan of the Wabash mixed trains.

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    Hey has anyone been to the restored depot and caboose in whitehouse, ohio?
    NS 9030

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    Newbie to the forum, just discovered this thread.
    Until age 7, in late 1940's, I lived not far from Wabash Delmar Station in St. Louis--my Dad would take us to see the trains come in on a summer evening--until they switched to diesel! I'm sure I rode Wabash downtown a time or two.
    I mostly model in N-Track. I've got some Atlas U25Bs, boxcars, hopper cars, and TOFLs, and I'm planning to dec my Kato Mikado's for Wabash. But other than that, I'm afraid my layout is "generic", although I keep thinking about modeling the Delmar Station sometime, but my age-7 memories are a bit dim by now, and I seldom get to St. Louis anymore.

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