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    Thanks guys.

    Thieu, I would love an RS1 in that livery - must try harder to get one! Nice module too - great work.

    Modeling the NH in the Isle of Man - oh, look it up......

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    N scale New Haven Fan

    Hello New Haven Fans,
    I an retired now and I am building a New Haven train layout based on the shoreline four rail system with two side branches( Stamford-New Cannan and South Norwalk-Danbury). I have four EP-3s and at least twenty five diesels and six steam locomotives...all New Haven.
    I was born in Waterbury Connecticut and my father worked on the Naugatuck branch. I would be very happy if I can communicate with other NH fans. John:tb-biggrin:

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    Hm, I have placed a reply some days ago, but it didn't come through......

    Are you planning catenary?

    Oh yeh, I am also jealous that you grew up in the area that I try to model.:tb-biggrin:
    See my videos at Vimeo and visit my website for my layouts and modules. Club website:

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    You can go ahead and count me in as a new forum member and a fan of the NYNH&H.

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    From down here the New Haven looks like an alien world. The trains of Europe are scarcely more different.

    That said, I love the New Haven. It may have had problems, but it sure did have class. The Shoreliners are about as fine as streamlined steam ever got, the EF3 and EP4 types were handsome as the devil, and any railroad that could get the DL-109 past the War Production Board couldn't be all bad.

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    Hmmm, seems to be one NH post every six months or more..... quite possibly the reason not that many people model the NH in N scale anyway is you have to build from scratch or heavily modify practically all the NH prototype rolling stock from available models. So many NH cars were nothing close to what other RRs used -- even most of their PS-1s were six inches lower than the "standard" PS-1 40 foot box. You can buy all kinds of N 40' gons with eight panels -- but the NH had 10. And forget it with the passenger equipment.... Considering the NH in its day hauled the most passengers per year of any railroad of its time you'd think somebody would make SOME kind of NH passenger train.
    But then that's the fun of doing the New Haven. About 15 years back I was doing PRR, or trying to. Almost no prototypical passenger stuff other than some heavyweight types, and rolling stock wasn't much better. It was even tough finding REA reefers! Now we're awash with X29s, X32s, round top auto boxcars, Pennsy cabooses, Pennsy round window cabooses (with antenna!), even BM70M RPOs in the set of even more Pennsy protorype passenger cars from the Broadway Limited. (And 53' steel and 50' wooden REA reefers). It was easy to buy multiple sets of the BL cars and mix them (with some heavyweights) to reproduce many 1952 PRR trains. Borrrrrring!
    So now I'm starting in the same place with the NH, having to make most of the stuff I want. But it's fun figuring how to to turn an Atlas 50' TOFC flatcar into the NH 40 footers with the side rails and end ramp, though I have to fab all those parts up from brass. But I like to think of this as "Model" railroading, not "Buy pre-made pre-painted stuff off the shelf" railroading.


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