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    Thanks for the info everybody, it's real helpful. David, I'll PM you about a manual.

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    My first N scale train set was a Postage Stamp Santa Fe passenger set. Somewhere, I bet my mom stills has photos of it that Christmas morning!
    Also, has that Peabody hopper been in constant production since the 60s? I see them every where!
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    I think I was pretty close to a full set of Postage Stamp / Aurora / Minitrix / Trix N Scale, but I decided to focus on Atlas First Generation instead. You can't do everything...
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    Quote Originally Posted by WPZephyrFan View Post
    Also, has that Peabody hopper been in constant production since the 60s? I see them every where!
    Now that you mention it...

    BTW- It would be a lot of fun to see those old Christmas photos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.dean View Post
    you are already in the N scale forum!
    Funny how that works. It started out in the Z scale forum but some mysterious staff member must have moved it.

    The Rapido couplers are the give away for N scale. If the wheel flanges are 8mm apart, it could need regauging to run properly on N scale "9mm" track. But then again some of the early wheel sets were gauged a little tight.
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    A number of us N scale dinosaurs have a soft spot for the old Trix/minitrix/Aurora N scale trains. Made in West Germany the quality was far better than pretty much everything else out there. The frames on the diesels are all metal with eight wheel drive and eight wheel electrical pickup. Here is a little review by Mark at spookshow. You will see the engine in your photo.
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    Yup, I got a used one of those sets - pretty much the way you show it - with the B&O unit - used from a friend of mine in 1972. Paid $20.

    The Peabody hopper was repainted ATSF and is still on the layout today with MT trucks under it. The caboose is one of the dozen or so I updated to Ce-1's.

    The frame and trucks of the F-unit are still running today, with a repainted shell into ATSF freight and a replacement 5-pole Sagami motor stuffed in it.

    If it hadn't been for the quality of that used Trix set, I would have bailed N entirely. I went through a batch of Roco crap as 'new' that taught me immediately that all N scale was not created equal.

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    Ha ha... It's the same number as the four Canadian Pacific #510's that I used to have.

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