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    Need a schematic for a Lionel 6-4090 Powermaster Transformer

    Hi gang - I bought a used Lionel 4090 that needs an internal wire for the whistle soldered back in place, but I don't know where it goes. My search for a schematic was unsuccessful...anyone know of an online schematic I could peek at?


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    There is a web site with a very nice library of lionel manuals. I got manuals for the 1033 there. I'll post the link. However right at the moment it is dead. Was on the site several days ago. It may be on the north east coast and is down now. But it may be unrelated and just a temp issue. Here is the link. If you go from this page to the library you can access other manuals on other lionel products.

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    The "Greenburg Repair" book probably has it. it's $25 but well worth it if you mess with Lionel stuff much. All IMO; Don

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    Shame on me for taking well over a year to reply back, but thanks to both of your for the suggestions.....hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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