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    marklin z senator review

    Helo Z peeple. Doanyone have a maerklin insider senetor set? If you do, can you give me an Hal a review? Ired that it was made in Germany but someone posted that it was made in my native China. hal an I would like to hear opinion. we may buy the set if available.We thank.

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    The Senator was made in China. The main problem was/is, that the 2 engiens arenīt running synchronously, therefore it can cause damage, they are loud and donīt run smoothly. Here in Germany many people sent them back to Märklin for repair. Still not all are working fine. I bought 2 sets at my local hobby store for friends, they were better. I donīt know about the availability and pricing in the US, but I wouldnīt buy one without testing ist, unless you know the seller and he confirms they do good.

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    Mattias ---Hal an I thank thee. We were going to buy one but will wait now. We see one on the auction site for 650 dollar. It is a crime that the maerklin company would release something that is a problem like you posted. And terrible that a special Insider model would have poor quality control. Sad sad way to let product be rereleased and released again with same problem. Thank thee for saving Hal and I money. Mattias we glad you reply.

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