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    Nice photos, everyone. Candy Streeter does make a lot of nice scenes. I think it is Mister Beasley who makes the nice night time scenes. Hope he will post some here.

    This is the New Braunfels Missouri Pacific train station in H0 scale by Doyle Bond. Those of you who have been to the New Braunfels train shows may recognize it. It is a replica as the station appeared in 1955 and it goes on the SAMRA club layout. I have just weathered the roof and platform. There are more people to be added.

    For those of you who knew Doyle Bond, he passed away last Tuesday as a result of long illness. He was an N scale MMR but recently did all of his modeling in H0 scale. He will certainly be missed here in San Antonio.

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    just attended an operating session at Bob Foltz's layout in Colorado Springs.

    A helper is waiting at Rowe, New Mexico for the Westbound La Junta-Belen through freight. behind this shot is one of the longest helper crew shifts I think I've seen at Foltz's. It would have been about a 5 minute shift to run with the green fruit express from Lamy to Glorieta, except the Stewart FT's that were the primary motive power decided to break a drawbar near the top of the grade, and since these were linked units, this took all 4 FT's out of service. So we deadlined the FT's and put the 2-10-2 from helper service on the head of the green fruit express and used the trailing local (powered by 2 RSD-5's) to push the express to Glorieta. Since the 2-10-2 we had used for helper service had been commandeered for the green fruit express, we had to get another one from the Las Vegas engine facility and run it light to Lamy. However when we reached Rowe, dispatch informed us that we were to assist the westbound La Junta - Belen through freight, not due to arrive for 2 hours (fast clock time). Thus by the time we arrived in Lamy again, we had turned the normal 5 minute shift into an hour and a half long shift. Fun times, we sure enjoyed it!

    a little later in the session, one of the 2-10-2 helpers had died so an RSD-4 was subbed in to replace it. Here at Glorieta we see another 2-10-2 cutting off from shoving a train west while the RSD has just assisted a train Eastbound. both helpers will be turned and returned to their proper posts at Rowe and Lamy respectively.

    Santa Fe, New Mexico, the name town for the railroad, resides at the end of a branchline that begins in Lamy. Here we see passengers alight from the just arrived local.

    In Las Vegas, a little 0-8-0 shuffles some head end cars for the Fast Mail around. in the foreground, the coal extra has just arrived. these cars will be broken down into 2 trains running to the town of Springer, New Mexico to be loaded with coal.
    Modeling Santa Fe circa the mid 50's on the La Junta Sub.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CO on the DRGW.jpg 
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Name:	Codys and F nose.jpg 
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Name:	Grande RPO and Caboose.jpg 
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Name:	Passenger and Frieght.jpg 
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Name:	prosepctor total.jpg 
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ID:	45146OK. SO the scerery is lacking a bit...But here are some shots I jsut set up with the new Proto 2000 SD9 in Rio Grande paint, and an Athearn Prospector train I'm working on...that's a con-cor dome, that I painted the glass on...Hope you like them...Oh, and yes. I turned an old LBF Rio Grande box car in to a Cody's Office MR car...
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    Great pics this weekend!
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