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    Hallmark drive train parts.

    Hi there,
    I have a older Hallmark E5 uint that I am trying to get to run on DCC with sound.
    I did a remotor on it but the tower gears are binding up and causing the u-joints couplings to slip on the motor shafts.

    The tower gears bind because of the way the bushings are worn.
    Anybody put under a new set of drive truck? Or whatever to fix?

    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry forgot to tell you this is HO scale.
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    I might suggest finding some Athearn, Atlas, or Kato trucks with the correct wheelbase. Then you could attach the Hallmark sideframes to them and have a great running loco. I know something about these old Hallmark locos since I was the repairman and parts supplier for Mrs. Hall (the owner) for some years. There are no parts available now unless someone has some-three fellows "helped themselves" to many parts when Mrs. Hall closed up shop. I believe you would get a better running loco with the mentioned trucks but you could try to contact Samshongsa, the builder, to see what they say. Good luck with this.

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    Thanks for your idea. I had given this some thought too. Right now I am waiting on trucks with the worm drive from a Proto 2000 E-6 unit to see if I can't mount the truck to the brass frame work. Then hope to mount the Halmark E-5 truck side frames to the Proto trucks.

    This unit is an earlier run unit as it has the KMT motor and drive parts. Well that is what I know about them at theis time
    This is just too nice of a unit to be a shelf Queen.

    Thanks again

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