Update time fellow lovers of the Minuteman. Last weekend, I was able to not only visit Potter Place, but got in touch with Pat, the watchman of this town. We spent over three hours looking at pictures of Potter Place, from 1870 until present day. I now have a photograph of the station from each decade. We found the original map, and got the extensive tour of both the passenger station and freight station.

Here is a view of the office, and believe it or not, most of these artifacts were here after the railroad left! Pat has become an incredible resource and a huge help in my layout. A few more measurements with the help from my dad and older brother and I was all set.

Unfortunately, all the track I had put down a few weeks earlier interfered with the new measurements I had gotten last Sunday. So yesterday, the cutters came out, track plan was updated and now I need to work on hiding the curve of the model main line while making the prototype mainline more in focus. Seems fitting that I will have to be an illusionist since the founder of this town was one in real life!