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    Paper and Card Structures

    With the cost of structures today I am looking to contact modelers who are creating paper and card structures with there computer I use the ModelBuilder program and for foreground structures I have cut some up to create a board by board construction with very nice results I am looking to farther promote and explore the use of paper structures and exchange Ideas as well as models with others Perhaps with enough interest we could start a forum page where other modelers could see our progress and share our interest If anybody thinks this is a good Idea Please contact me here Thanks Paul

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    Very good idea Paul, I have been interested in this but just starting with this medium. I have some military kits from Microtrains in N made from cardstock and have just about finished the first one. I am stuck on the roof though as I don't like the one that came with the kit. Been looking online for some suitable shingles to print out. I have also downloaded some free kits from scalescenes to try as soon as I can get some more cardstock. I'm sure there are modelers out there with experience to share.

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    Here is a link for some FREE buildings

    They are in HO but can be reduced or enlarged as needed using your printer.

    N Scale the Normal ScaleŠ Greenbriar Delta & Rutland web site So many projects, so little time, The GD&R on TrainBoard. My other interests.

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    Here's couple from 1975 - way before computers. Dad scratchbuilt these from heavy card stock and some bits of other materials. He painstakingly scribed plank lines, bricks, shingles and other details with a ruler and a crochet needle, then hand painted everything, often with Mom's help (she was a pretty good artist).

    It kept him busy and I was happy with my trains. :D
    TrainBoard Attached Thumbnails TrainBoard Attached Thumbnails S3297_Model_RR_V2_OC75_small.jpg   S3300_ModelRR_V2_RF16_Engine_House_small.jpg  
    I want that one, and that one, and that one...

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    For some knock-your-socks-off work using paper, matte board, and balsa wood, check out, and his Facebook page if you use Facebook. Unbelievable what this guy can do.

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    Here are some building flats I made with photos & added some signs & doors to them. I printed them on card stock, cut them out, trim away the background. You can mount them right on your backdrop or add a stiff backing to the card stock to make a stand-alone scene. ( The gas station-cafe is a old "Yellow Box mat-board modern RR station kit-bashed into the Hawk Point Skelly Gas Station-Cafe)

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    Here is a picture of a cardstock power plant-

    Here are links to the railimages files for printing out the plant. You can download these and size them to your scale or available space.

    And here is an isometric diagram how to put it together.

    You have to come up with your own smokestacks.

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    Here is the power plant made into a flat background building. Also a brick wall I made for a feed mill.

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