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    Cut-away views of locos?

    Does anyone have, or know of books (or other media) that have cut-away views of locos?

    Maybe something in this direction:

    This next one is not as good, but may work...

    Looking for more of a drawing than blueprint - sorta like this, but for locomotives

    Mike - a happy TB minion

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    I've seen them in the "general" type railroad books you can find at borders barnes and noble and such.

    But that jet, thats a turbojet...I really need to stop dealing with airplanes for a while...aka, I need a vacation.

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    Here's one of a steam locomotive. Not very detailed though.

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    One of your best bets is an old magazine dealer. tho locomotive builders used to put cutaways in their ads. Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Trains magazine or some old employee magazines would be other places to find the images. The World's Fairs were a place that the manufacturers used to promote their new locomotives. There will be fewer drawings past the 60's as the technology was not new anymore.
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    Shoot... Can't and Never Will.

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    Some advanced (but conventional in configuration) never-built steam designs:
    FRENCH COMPOUND LOCOMOTIVES' HOMEPAGE - Chapelon's planned engines drawings
    Unusual steam locomotives - many have cross-sections:
    For example, here's a steam turbine:
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    Thanks all...
    Mike - a happy TB minion

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    Now THIS exactly what I'm looking for!

    Came from an online operations manual...

    Anyone else out there have any similar manuals that I could trouble for a scan ??
    Mike - a happy TB minion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris333 View Post
    I have a better one somewhere, but I have this now:
    That is cool yet sad at the same time.
    At Least the UP can't take over a model railroad.:tb-smile:

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