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    Question Athearn Challenger tender shell removal

    How does one get the shell off of the Athearn Challenger tender? I have removed the coal load to expose one screw there (not sure if it matters), I have removed the two at the rear underside and taken the back end off, but still no movement. Not wanting to apply brute force to a several hundred dollar locomotive, I thought someone might have already figured this out. Any help GREATLY appreciated.

    BigBoy4884 :tb-hissyfit:

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    If I remember correctly, I believe there is a hidden screw somewhere. If you still have the manual it came with, there is an exploded diagram included. A study of that may reveal the proper procedure.

    BTW, welcome to TrainBoard! :D

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    Did you ever find out the final piece of the puzzle? I'm stuck at the same place.



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    their is a special tool for finding those pesky hidden screws.

    it is even safety orange!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delamaize View Post
    their is a special tool for finding those pesky hidden screws.

    it is even safety orange!!!

    NOOOO! :eek: :eek: :p

    The online manual with exploded diagrams can be found here.

    It looks like there is a screw under the rear most bunker hatch and under the coal load or the level gauge for the oil version.

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    There are some truly excellent instructions on this site. I managed to follow them!'s/Decoder%20installs/Big%20Boy/loksound%20bigboy%20install%20page.html

    Cheers, Ted

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